10 Ways to Hit the Ground Running in 2020

December 30, 2019

A new year (and decade) is upon us. And, like many beginnings before, we enthusiastically proclaim, “This will be my best year yet!” But, despite best intentions, many will charge out the gate at full speed on January 1 only to fumble forward. Why so? … Because good intentions don’t make dreams come true – action does. Following are the 10 actions that will keep you poised to bust through your achievement ceiling in 2020.

1. Coaching and Accountability

Because champions have coaches

Production numbers prove that those who set goals with a trained coach to serve as their accountability partner do more and earn more. Coaches take a stand for your greatness more than you will stand for your own limitations. And, most importantly, they will hold you accountable to your goals.

Coaching isn’t limited to one-on-one relationships. You can also receive a plethora of coaching from the best in the industry by attending training events such as Family Reunion or Mega Camp.

More on FR 2020

2. Polish Up Your Digital Presence

You only get to make a first impression once, so make it a great one!

In today’s digital age, clients rely heavily on a business’s online presence when assessing whether or not to do business with them. That said, your website and social media pages have the power to be lead generation machines if they can catch the eye and convert quickly.

To stand out on social media where everyone else is blending in, follow these tips:

  • Use a recent, professional headshot.
  • Have an updated “About” section highlighting your unique value proposition.
  • Easily display contact information.
  • Don’t be shy – ask for reviews from past clients.
  • Engage with comments! It’s called social media for a reason.  
  • Post relevant and entertaining content frequently. With high-grade digital assets in Designs, you can create a cohesive look that is 100% customizable to fit you and your business.

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Don’t stop with a great look … you need functionality too, offered by KW’s agent sites. These sites aren’t your average one-size-fits-all websites. They’re exciting lead generation engines equipped with unique features.  

3. Clean Up Your Contacts

You can’t convert the lead if you don’t keep track of it. After all, your business is your database. 

What good will an incomplete database do you? Not much. Become a database detective by leveraging Database Health in Command for missing opportunities. The feature evaluates each entry for completeness based on phone number, email address, physical address, neighborhood, home anniversary, and birthday.

Take it from KW agent Julia Hurley who was trying to keep track of contacts, notes, and appointment times while driving five hours a day. “Now, I can ask Kelle to make a note in Command, and she does it. I don’t have to stop to pull over and record a note.” Make Kelle your digital personal assistant to help you beef up your Contacts and convert quickly.

4. Set Goals and Demolish Them

A goal that isn’t logged and tracked is just a wish.

Your business depends on you to drive it with purpose and intention through goal setting and tracking … all. year. long.

“With all eyes on you, when you set a goal and make it known, you are more likely to hit it. And, to the contrary, when you don’t meet a goal, you may be letting others down, and no leader ever wants to be in that position,” says Jessica Fox Wimmer. Jump on Command and input your goals into the goal-setting function, then track them in real time since everything on the platform is interconnected.

5. Show Gratitude Year-Round

It’s good for business and great for the soul. 

Expressing gratitude distinguishes you from others and nurtures crucial relationships. It also only takes a small gesture such as a note to keep you top of mind. Keep the thank-you notes flowing all year long; not just at closing or when you receive a referral. There are numerous pre-made thank-you-note templates in Designs for you to customize and send. Just think of how good you feel opening a thank-you note and imagine spreading that joy to your database year-round.

14 Thank-You Note Templates to Show Your Clients You Care

6. Get Back to Business Basics with The Millionaire Real Estate Agent  

Sticking to the basics in a rapidly changing world will keep you between the lines and help you net a million.

Written by Gary Keller, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent is a classic that’s always relevant in real estate. From mindset to budgeting and everything in between, this bestselling book details easy-to-follow, scalable models that will have you breaking through your achievement ceiling. Even the seasoned pros need to take it back to the basics. Joseph Klosik knows firsthand that success is not easy, and it takes a lot of hard work. “Don’t make it any more difficult than it has to be,” he says. “Read up on the MREA and commit to the models.”

7. Time Block for Training

Every minute counts!

Distractions can eat up to 28% of your day, costing you a lot in lost income. “Don’t allow distractions to hold you hostage. Reclaim your time by embracing the practice of time blocking,” says Geoff Woods, vice president of The ONE Thing.

Make the time to elevate your real estate repertoire with the invaluable and plentiful training provided by:

After all, if it’s not on your calendar, it doesn’t exist.

8. Make an Impact – Give Back

True success comes when you not only work toward your own success, you help fuel the success of others.

Giving back opens many doors for both givers and receivers. When you help someone else, you make a difference in their lives and often inspire them to pay it forward, creating a domino effect of kindness. And, in doing so, you build trust and respect in your community, both of which are essential for business relationships. Whether you volunteer time or donate money, no amount is ever too small to make a positive impact.  

See how Keller Williams associates make a global impact every May.

9. Stick to Your Budget

Adhering to your budget is the first step to financial freedom

The MREA Budget Model looks at spending from a high level and divides financial liabilities into two broad categories – cost of sales and operating expenses. There should be no “miscellaneous” category on your budget; everything spent should have a strong “why” detailing its necessity. Without controlling how much you spend, how much you earn alone won’t help you gain financial freedom.

10. Subscribe to Outfront

You are your CEO. Investing in your growth with a committed reading habit will keep you informed and inspired all year long.  

Outfront sits down with some of the most successful people in the industry and asks them, “How’d you do it?” and we share the information with our readers. Don’t miss out on valuable business strategies from our top agents from around the world.

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