Command Takes Small Teams Further, Faster

September 7, 2019

Command, Keller Williams’ end-to-end operational system, made its debut in early 2019 and has matured at lightning speed. Over the last seven months, several features have rolled out to KW agents to assist with graphic design, marketing, contact management, referrals, workflow automation and transaction management.

The technology has arrived at another exciting phase of its evolution – its expansion to small teams. This advancement allows teams to take control of their database, business and future.    

Capitalize on your strongest asset.

In his award-winning book, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, chairman, co-founder and CEO Gary Keller outlines what sets high-performing real estate businesses apart from others – a strong database chock-full of qualified buyer and seller leads.

“Nothing is more important than prospective buyers and sellers,” Keller writes. “To have a viable business, you simply must have the client leads. To have a business that pays you a lot of money, you will need a lot of leads. Funny, but some real estate agents miss this not-too-subtle point and end up spending their time on other less financially rewarding activities.”

This can only be achieved through time, dedication and targeted lead generation activities. Identifying these activities has been an uphill battle for teams grappling with disjointed technologies and traditional CRMs.

Command solves for this by allowing teams to run intuitive, user-friendly reports to get a holistic look at their business. These reports help them understand where to invest their time and lead generation dollars. With one login, team leads can:

  • Review exactly where leads are coming from
  • Review individual activities to understand how often and how recently, percentage-wise, the team is reaching out to each lead
  • Compare the database health of the team against agents in their market center, their state, and in Command
  • View conversion rates and “probable vs. potential” income estimates for each deal

Command helps teams make data-driven decisions so they can capitalize on their strongest asset and convert at the highest level.

Collaborate with ease.

“When you know the right numbers, hitting the mark becomes the entire focus of the team.” – Gary Keller

In agent labs, collaboration was identified as one of the largest challenges for teams. Delivering high-quality service is difficult without a central hub to manage transactions. Command helps teams overcome this hurdle through Opportunities – an application that allows the collective to manage offers, documents and communication in one convenient location.

To begin, team members add an opportunity to their pipeline that will serve as a record where everything related to the transaction is tracked.  From there, several team members can be added to the opportunity, checklists can be created, and tasks can be assigned-out with specific due dates. Team members will be notified when their tasks must be completed. This helps team members hold each other accountable and collaborate with ease.

Additionally, team members have full access to view the listings, appointments, contracts, closed deals, and forecasted GCI in real time, allowing for transparency that was previously not possible.

Achieve incredible impact for a fraction of the cost.

Rising technology costs have made it challenging for teams to build scalable, profitable businesses. CRMs can cost anywhere from $35-$200 per user, per month – not including additional fees for integration software. Compounded over time, these costs can be severe hindrances to growth.

To help agents and teams remain productive and profitable, Keller Williams has made Command available at no additional cost. By driving down operational expenses, teams are able to reinvest their dollars into building their business and delivering an exceptional consumer experience.

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