Sean Moudry

May 21, 2020

Sean Moudry

Colorado-based mega agent Sean Moudry knows the taste of success. In 2018, his independent brokerage boasted $240 million in production, $5.3 million in CGI, and a total of 607 units sold. But, Moudry’s motivations for staying in the real estate business transcend money. At his core, the mega agent is a thought leader and teacher – a role he looks forward to establishing further by re-anchoring his business to Keller Williams after a short-lived stint at eXp. 

“I’m a teacher at heart,” Moudry says. “I’ve spent 11 years recruiting, coaching, and training people.” 

“Before making the move, I thought to myself, who are the people who are being proactive in the industry?” says Moudry. “Early on, Gary Keller and Jay Papasan were very vocal about seeing the shift in the market and being proactive about it. I know Keller Williams culture, and I know Gary Keller is going to do everything he can to give agents all the necessary tools, resources, and education to thrive.”

With 25 years of experience in the industry, the move is a homecoming for Moudry, who joined Keller Williams in 2009 as a team leader after taking a major hit as a mega agent during the recession. In a matter of years, his market center (at the time named Keller Williams Denver Central) peaked at top 10 in the nation, he received a Blackbelt Team Leader Award for growing his market center, adding 116 agents, and he found success as a BOLD coach. The success emboldened Moudry to step away from Keller Williams and start his own boutique brokerage. 

“I always had this desire in the back of my head to build my own business,” Moudry says. Alongside two business partners, he founded Steps Real Estate in Boulder, Colorado. While the company experienced rapid growth, Moudry’s business associates decided to pursue other opportunities, leaving space for Moudry to run the business solo. Initially struggling with his new predicament, Moudry began leaning into his interest in coaching and deep understanding of personalities. 

Moudry poured his efforts into coaching his agents using the Myers-Briggs personality test to provide a personalized experience to each of his agents, as he believes people should not fight their individual personality types. He created an engaging environment, identifying five core values for his agents: a learning-based mindset, collaborative, ethical, a full-time commitment to real estate (or the desire to progress into it), and a hunger for business growth. In just four years, the group experienced phenomenal growth with four locations, over $240 million in volume sold, and 100 agents. 

But, with this newfound success, the company was scaling too rapidly to keep up. With that in mind, Moudry decided to bring his boutique firm under eXp Realty in 2019. 

“We merged with eXp thinking that what we brought to the table, which was the local, hands-on coaching atmosphere would combine well with their technology and the speed of their growth,” Moudry says. “But what we experienced was a difference of culture.” 

“The choice to move back to Keller Williams came down to a desire to be a part of the collaborative culture,” he says. “From Command to being a part of Keller Williams’ cultivated Facebook groups, it’s great to collaborate with people and share resources – not just ideas and techniques.” 

Now, Moudry joins KW as a solo agent with the intent of moving back into the leadership, coaching, and training space – where his heart truly belongs. He is already sharing his talent for training with the world through his books, 16 Strategies for Sales, already available, and the soon to be released Learn to Love Lead Generation.

“I want to be seen as someone who has contributed to the real estate industry. I am excited to be part of the team that will be guiding agents to thrive during the market shift,” Moudry shares.

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