GO Colorado Realty

May 18, 2020

GO Colorado Realty

Serving a market that’s currently lauded as being one of the hottest in the country, Denver-based GO Colorado Realty owner Mike Olson feels confident about taking his business from boutique to Keller Williams.

“When we transitioned to Keller Williams, we were able to keep the look and feel of our brand, and our market center has been great in allowing us to operate as we have in the past, just knowing that we’ve found success in that,” Olson says. “Only now, we have leadership guidance, which has been critical in helping us understand what our shift looks like and how our business will look 60-90 days from now.” 

Although they operate in a consistent seller’s market, Olson and business partner Will Gosch are not taking stability for granted. Instead, they maintain a constant awareness of the current market (for this reason, Olson expresses gratitude on the timing of their move – they joined right before the shift began), and put on a futuristic mindset when it comes to important decision-making. 

“Even though we do not do much online marketing and 95% of our business is referral or repeat business, we think that over the next five years, the layout of how real estate transactions get done is going to change drastically,” Olson shares. “For a boutique firm to try and keep up with the technological innovations would require a wealth of time and money. Tapping into KW technology makes sense.” 

Like any important decision, the move to Keller Williams took time. The duo was in talks with KW leadership for two to three years before joining, ultimately making the leap as more and more of Olson’s top-producing industry friends praised the positive impact the technology had made in their lives. 

For now, the team is focused on being a resource for its community through the shift – not just in real estate, but in every aspect of people’s lives. “Whatever our sphere needs help with, we are well-connected and can make these connections that are mutually beneficial for everybody,” Olson says.

As his personal shift project, Olson is focused on engaging his immediate community in a fun, nontraditional way. “I started a tradition of posting a dad joke on my mailbox on a whiteboard every day,” he shares. “People have mentioned that they walk by to see the joke of the day. I get a lot of interaction from my main community with that.” 

The team at GO Colorado Homes is already growing since moving to KW. “The ability to offer mentorship on a personal level on how agents can grow a business organically combined with the offering of the KW technological suite has really given us a great value proposition to offer agents who are looking for a change,” Gosch says. “We are excited for the next five years and to see what it brings for our team and the real estate industry as a whole.” 


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