Kas Divband

May 28, 2020

Kas Divband

DC-area agent Kas Divband was out dining with six Keller Williams agents when he had a realization: “I noted that I was the odd man out,” he remembers. “I was the only one that didn’t have a property management company under their name, or a development company.” The dinner left Divband pondering his future in real estate – a future he wants to build up in ways that go beyond just being an agent. This is why, five years after receiving his license, one Redfin, and one Compass stint later, Divband joined Keller Williams. 

“One of my main reasons for joining Keller Williams is that they’re growing more than just real estate agents,” Divband says. “If you want to be a master of your own domain, create wealth for yourself, and create wealth for others around you, Keller Williams is the place to be.” 

For those who have been around him, it’s no surprise that Divband is looking ahead with a growth mindset. Analyzing his journey thus far, his repertoire is vast. Before shifting to a real estate career, Divband, who sold $10 million in volume and a total of 22 units in 2019, did everything from running nightclubs and operating oxygen bars to funding movie projects and selling commodities.

He is no stranger to reinvention: In fact, he’s done it successfully four times. At Keller Williams, his aim is to make this time his last reinvention – and root himself into the industry while growing tall, unconstricted branches. 

“I’ve reinvented myself again, but I’m adding different strokes to what I’m doing,” he says. “Real estate is just the foundation.” Divband is joining as a solo agent, with the intention of diving headfirst into his new role, building a team, and leveraging the Keller Williams growth mindset and tech tools to create a thriving business. 

Coming up, Divband plans on starting a business that’s all about building strong connections among all parties that help the real estate engine run – from inspectors, to investors and affiliates. This desire is a remnant of his nightclub days, when he built the habit of creating an index of people he met and finding innovative ways to connect them. 

“That’s my whole purpose in coming to Keller Williams,” Divband shares. “To be able to build something that has to do with real estate, but is more than just selling homes.” 


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