Crush Your Market Share Goals with KW Training: Scott Malouff

August 16, 2021

Scott Malouff started his real estate journey with Keller Williams in San Antonio six years ago, completing 85 transactions his first year. Since then, his business has grown exponentially: In 2020, his team closed 432 deals. And, this year, they’re on track for 800 transactions.

Throughout his time in the industry, Malouff has continuously snowballed his business into achieving top production goals. And now, he has set his sights even further — on having a 6% market share in San Antonio in the next five years. On paper, that would entail 4,332 transactions per year from his team. And, with the support of Keller Williams training, he is confident he will achieve that growth. “At Keller Williams, the training never stops,” says Malouff. “That’s one thing I love about it.”

Success = Training + Tech + Coaching

Training has played an instrumental role in Malouff’s growth. During his first year, he signed up for Keller Williams’ Ignite course, a foundational nine-week real estate course that includes productivity-based exercises, an online tracking system, practical job aids, and powerful talking points.

KW MAPS Coaching’s BOLD coaching and training program also significantly helped him to achieve nearly 100 transactions in his first year, he says. The course teaches agents important talking points, advanced business and time management strategies, language techniques, and mindset exercises to achieve success.

“You don’t just learn about business,” he says. “You learn about finances, about your priorities. Keller Williams has helped me not only inside of my business but also at home.”

The training KW offers on its leading technology includes Command, KW’s end-to-end operational system which recently hit 104.5 thousand monthly active users. “When you use the tech, that’s when your business becomes like a funnel and leads start to come flowing in.” Combined with coaching, these tools make for a winning trifecta. For Malouff, coaching is a crucial tool for any professional who seeks success. “If you look at any professional, they have coaches. LeBron James has a coach. If you’re going to master your craft, you’re going to want to have some type of training and coach around you.” In particular, Malouff shouts out Steve Collins and Jordan Freed for making a huge difference in his own career.

Putting Proven Training Techniques Into Practice

Malouff has taken Keller Williams’ focus on training to heart within his own team by regularly involving them in educational opportunities and encouraging a growth mindset. Agents must keep learning so they can grow in the right direction, he says.

According to Malouff, BOLD has been a game changer for his team. Every agent who joins Malouff’s team takes the course, and he believes the mindset shift and strategies learned within the course have helped them excel tremendously. Several agents also participate in KW MAPS Mastery Coaching, and the team as a whole participates in KW MAPS Group Coaching at the start of each week. “You want to continue with coaches that will help you level up,” he says.

His agents engage in Keller Williams’ 30-60-90 plan, a proven model to get new agents into production quickly by helping them zero in on the most important action items needed to complete their first 30, 60, and 90 days on the job. The team also convenes at mid-month to go over strategy.

Move the Needle With Mega Camp

What can agents do to be well on their way to creating a business as successful as Malouff’s? One immediate action item is attending Keller Williams’ two largest events of the year: Mega Camp and Family Reunion. 

Malouff’s life and business have been greatly impacted by the yearly events. In fact, he met his current KW MAPS Coach at Mega Camp. “He’s been phenomenal,” Malouff says about his coach, helping him to scale up his business, improve his profit and loss statements, and boost profitability.

Events like Mega Camp and Family Reunion are invaluable for agents, Malouff says, because agents get to make connections with colleagues from around the world. They learn how their KW colleagues have structured and grown their businesses, and they take lessons learned home and use them to grow their own business. Not to mention, the connections forged also become important when it comes to making referrals.

“I love Mega Camp because of the culture,” Malouff says. “When you get there, it opens your world, it opens your eyes and you see how big your world can actually become.” This year, the all-digital Mega Camp will take place on August 23-26. If you’re ready to experience the culture, you can purchase your ticket below. 

Join Mega Camp

From Student to Teacher

Malouff’s goal is to continue helping to train other Keller Williams agents to become leaders with both a fulfilling business and personal life. Keller Williams and the exemplary training the company offers make that possible, he says.

“At the end of the day, the more we learn, the more we’re going to be able to grow,” Malouff says. “The knowledge we get with Keller Williams puts us light-years past other agents inside the industry. I don’t see our team ever leaving Keller Williams because of the level of growth the company continues to bring us.”

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