Nancy Knox

Ada Ciuca| October 6, 2020

Nancy Knox

In the 20 years that she has been a part of the real estate industry, New Jersey-based solo agent Nancy Knox has built quite the reputation for herself. Her candor and commitment to authenticity have bloomed into an automatic engine referral business – one in which Knox, a self-described non-salesy salesperson, lets her services speak for themselves and her clientele refer away without being pressured to do so. But there’s another aspect to Knox’s reputation. “I’m not an agent who bounces from office to office every couple of years,” she says. “For me to make a move, it would need to be for something significant.” 

So what brought the $17M volume-producing mega agent to the Keller Williams Village Square market center? According to Knox, it was a combination of enhanced financial opportunity, leverage, and technology offerings. 

“The fact that with Keller Williams you are able to hit a cap and have the opportunity to make 100 percent commission is incredible,” she says. “And on top of that, the passive income is a bonus. The fact that Keller Williams has a staff of people that you can leverage per transaction is also amazing.”

Knox is well under way to moving her business forward with the help of KW. She has already started growing her profit share tree and tapping into Command, KW’s platform which puts agents in control of their database. “I feel like Keller Williams can turn my business into a well-oiled machine with the help of Command and all the efficient technology available,” she says. “Because of these tools, I can be more productive more efficiently.” 

In this new transition, Knox brings with her not only an excitement for Keller Williams, but also a gratitude for the real estate industry as a whole. As a mother, she identifies her son as her big why. “I feel so grateful for this profession, because I am with him when he needs me. I can be flexible with my schedule, bring in a great income, and not feel like I’m chained to a desk from nine to five,” she says. “I’m really excited to be here at Keller Williams. The energy of the office is incredible.” 

Knox is embracing Keller Williams for its financial opportunities and technology offerings, but being a Keller Williams agent brings a variety of opportunities that can help your business thrive. Curious about what a career at KW could look like? Explore our value proposition below. 

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