SC Real Estate Mamas

Ada Ciuca| October 10, 2020

SC Real Estate Mamas

Real estate powerhouses Raquel Marchant and Kim Thurman are two of a kind: family oriented, career driven, and highly knowledgeable within their market – the Santa Clarita Valley of California. After Thurman received her real estate license four years ago, the duo decided to plant the building blocks of their business, the SC Real Estate Mamas, on a 50-50 partnership and go.

Fast forward to today, the top-producing team is not just experiencing financial success ($30.3M in sales volume for 2019) – but finding fulfillment through mentoring their team members and serving as a treasured resource for their market. As a business, they’re in it for the long haul, which is why they have made the move to Keller Williams from Compass. 

For Marchant and Thurman, the Keller Williams brand exudes respect, a timeless value they’ve experienced in interactions with Keller Williams agents over the years and one that grows more evident by the day.

“From the minute we moved, we’ve experienced nothing but support from our market center. When we made the decision to change brokerages, we wanted to move somewhere we could stay forever,” Thurman shares. “We want longevity, and we feel that Keller Williams can offer us that.” 

Beyond compassionate and caring leadership, the pair has been blown away by the full-service marketing and technology offerings at Keller Williams, freeing up the SC Real Estate Mamas to focus on nurturing their business through community, connection, and the exchange of shared experiences.

“Santa Clarita is known as a very family-friendly area,” Thurman shares. “We’ve both been in our clients’ shoes: we have careers and we are moms (each to three teenagers), so we understand what these families are going through in the process,” Marchant adds. “We understand that in this dynamic, purchasing a home can be stressful. We are here to help clients make the best decision for their life, and our brand is built for that specific fit.” 

Client relationships aren’t the only thing the pair is nurturing. Their own team boasts a structure of mentorship, with five individual mentees currently learning the ins-and-outs of real estate. “We have a set of systems in place to teach them how to jump-start their sphere of influence,” Marchant explains. “After four or five months of building their database, we sit with them and teach them about contracts and appointments, and go with them to open houses, although that is a bit different now with COVID. We are available to them 24 hours. Kim does a lot of hands-on with the contracts.” 

By mentoring rising stars and joining Keller Williams, the team is taking leaps forward in making their long-term vision come true: “With so many people leaving California, our goal is to get licensed in more states and build a strong team to help our clients, whether the members are in-state or out-of-state,” shares Thurman. “With Keller Williams’ presence across the U.S., we feel like we can do that.” 

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