Mark Jackson

Ada Ciuca| October 14, 2020

Mark Jackson

Raleigh, North Carolina-based mover and shaker Mark Jackson is thrilled to onboard his superstar team, 220 Agents, to Keller Williams. With Jackson at the helm, the 21-person team has reached elite status in the Triangle area, ranking No. 8 in North Carolina and 215 in the nation according to The Wall Street Journal and REAL Trends’ The Thousand report. While they are shining in the present, their future looks even brighter. Jackson has an ambitious goal for his team: to reach $250M in annual volume production by 2025. With the help of Keller Williams’ model for teams, alongside top-tier training and visionary leadership, he is confident the team will get there.  

Larger Investments in the Team 

Investing, in all of its forms, is a rich theme in Jackson’s life. He’s spent 17 years (and counting) investing in real estate. Before his career shift, he was invested in the growth of his commercial landscaping business – which he sold in 2013 as he decided to invest full time into growing as a real estate agent. By 2015, he established his own team, and continues to be driven by the thought of investing in its members and their clients – which is made easier at Keller Williams. 

“At my previous brokerage, I paid well over $125K on $100M worth of production. With Keller Williams’ capping structure, extra costs can be eliminated and I am able to invest that money back into the business,” shares Jackson. “Everybody on our team has entrusted me to make the right decision for the team, and I am partially responsible for helping them create income for their families. I take that seriously and am committed to doing right by them,” he says. 

220 Agents

An Agent-First Approach

Jackson came into the business after meeting his wife, top-producing individual agent Lindsay Taylor. Together, they got 220 Agents off the ground, demonstrating their commitment to the team by adopting a nontraditional approach. Similar to Keller Williams’ agents-first emphasis, Jackson focuses on nurturing each individual agent, allowing them to have control over their listings and run their business in the way they see fit. “We allow each agent to act like an individual agent and own their listings, so it’s almost like a firm within a firm,” he explains. “In making this decision, I felt like there had to be more people like me, who need a team for the training aspects, but did not want all the accolades to go to the team leader.” 

Ultimately, Jackson wants to create a sharp toolkit of training systems and processes that will help his agents soar and provide the highest level of service. By gaining access to Keller Williams’ award-winning suite of in-office and on-demand training options, he is certain that the team will reach their ambitious production goal – and beyond. “As we grow, I’m looking at getting our training systems in place so new agents can have a personalized experience without each individual agent shadowing me. The classes that Keller Williams conducts daily in our office are amazing. There is a tremendous amount of content to choose from to achieve our goals.” 

As he’s risen in his own career, Jackson remained curious and eager to learn. In moving forward, he is excited to partner with his agents and learn how to grow as a leader. “I’ve always considered Gary Keller to be the Steve Jobs of real estate: a true visionary,” Jackson confesses. “I’m just so excited for the opportunity to be with Keller Williams and learn from the best.” 

Keller Williams’ top-tier training is only one of the many tools successful agents are leveraging in order to push their business forward. Curious how KW can help your business thrive?

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