Entourage Elite Real Estate

Ada Ciuca| September 25, 2020

Entourage Elite Real Estate

Two years ago, Shawn Tammaro was looking to get a new business partner involved in his indie brokerage, Entourage Elite Real Estate. Enter Joe Giorno – a personal friend of six years who had previously built out multiple businesses in the realms of physical therapy, consulting, and specialty pharmacy. As they evolved as a team, producing $65M for 2019, Tammaro and Giorno began a larger-scale search: for a brokerage that would provide next-level value to their agents.

“I think it’s important to know that we didn’t have to make a move,” Tammaro says. “We were happy on our own, but we felt a duty to our agents, who are our partners, to bring them the best of everything. So, we examined the question: Is there somebody doing better in business that we could affiliate with in order to bring them more value?” 

After plenty of thought and research, the duo, who also co-owns a title company, decided that Keller Williams offered the right atmosphere and tools for their agents to succeed. “At the end of the day, we made our decision based on three main things,” Tammaro tells Outfront. “One was the overall mission and culture of Keller Williams. The second was the technology. We felt like the Command system would be an invaluable tool to provide for our agents. Having access to an end-to-end platform that will help them streamline the way they do business is far greater than anything we’ve seen. And third was the support, leadership, and camaraderie of KW agents helping other agents.” 

Both Tammaro and Giorno care deeply about providing a growth-centric environment for their Pennsylvania-based, 55-agent team. “We work very closely with our agents to help them grow their business through personal coaching and one-on-one mentoring,” Tammaro says. “Joe and I think about how we can be problem solvers and figure out personalized plans for helping them achieve their goals.” Giorno adds, “We aim to offer agents what they need at the level they’re at.” 

“We did this because we felt that our team deserved more,” Giorno says. “This allows us to give them that.” 

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