Kevin Du Toit

Lindsay Mader| June 13, 2019

Kevin Du Toit

At the end of 2017, Kevin Du Toit (do-twa) – a determined native of South Africa – thought he had hit his peak. As CEO/Team Leader of a Southern California office of 509 agents, he efficiently amassed $551 million (over half a billion dollars) in closed sales volume in 2017. This immense success caused Du Toit to leave Keller Williams and pursue his own brokerage.  However, acting as operating principal of his own firm, Du Toit found that his combination of models and systems weren’t working as he had envisioned. As a result, he was losing money.

Instead of going back to Keller Williams, Du Toit joined a local luxury brand in hopes to continue his success. However, after only a few months with the brand, Du Toit realized that it lacked growth potential, culture, systems, and the environment of trust that he experienced at Keller Williams.

Nonetheless, Du Toit’s former team leader Tony Fletcher remained a friend with an open-door policy. Du Toit comments that “[Tony] said, ‘Come back and be who you should be.’ He treated me like I had never left.”

Fletcher kept in mind all the things Du Toit had been through and says he would do the same for anybody on his team, stating, “I would never burn a bridge. Our job as team leaders is to change and inspire people’s lives.”

Thus, in April 2019, Du Toit returned to Keller Williams (in production) and immediately felt at home. In no time, he remembered why he had loved this company so greatly. Du Toit states after his return, “I [not only] built a top team from the tools and systems proved to me, but also from the model [itself]. You have to have a solid foundation and, it has to be proven. I was standing on the shoulders of giants. I had it made.”

During his first week back, Du Toit signed a phenomenal $85 million in listings, which he sees as a sign from above. Using his experience and expertise, Du Toit aims to rebuild a team and become an operating principal in multiple market centers. Even though he has already logged 850 hours in training, and is a mentor himself, he is going to back to the basics with KW training. With a bright future ahead and an ambitious attitude, Du Toit states, “I want to be an empire builder. I want to leave a legacy, and that means I have to be a lifelong learner.”

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