Flashman Investment Group

November 8, 2019

Flashman Investment Group

From his earliest days in the business, Jason Flashman; principal at Flashman Investment Group (FIG); knew he wanted more than success – he wanted to build too, which included going the extra mile with every client. One of the standout leaders at his first brokerage presented a challenge to all the new agents that still drives him and his team to this day.

“They said they’d hand over their entire database, because they knew we would never do what they were able to do and willing to do for their clients. That just made a huge impression on me that we have to always outwork our competition.”

When FIG, a top Los Angeles area commercial team, joined Keller Williams the first time, they were looking for flexibility to grow their business in a way that benefited their clients. When they later left for Peak Commercial/Century 21, it was in pursuit of the autonomy they needed to break through to the next level. During their two years there, they added key agents, implemented strategies to help them advance as a team, and did about $90 million in production. Looking for more support to build a large, systemized team, they recently made the move back to Keller Williams Santa Monica. In a few short months, by leveraging innovative systems and technology, their business has already grown through focused coaching in a team-friendly environment.

FIG’s guiding mission is “to provide clients unparalleled service with creative and adaptable strategies for their real estate investments to grow their equity. Equally important is providing agents and staff with the environment to maximize personal and professional knowledge and growth, while acting as a cohesive and supportive unit.” The FIG team saw how that ambitious mission perfectly aligns with Keller Williams Santa Monica Team Leader Nikki Miller’s vision and style, and how they could use Keller Williams’ offerings as a springboard for future success and growth.

Flashman adds, “The most compelling aspect for us is the incredible leadership at Keller Williams Santa Monica. Rick (Cunningham, operating principal) and Nikki provide opportunities for established teams like ours to increase market share and dominate, while still maintaining the autonomy we need to thrive.”

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