Bob Torti & David Hofer

November 8, 2019

Bob Torti & David Hofer

A chance meeting at a Christmas party where they were both new agents at Sotheby’s led to a fast friendship for David Hofer and Robert Torti. Now they’re business partners at The Hofer Torti Group and serve residential and commercial clients in Las Vegas, Nevada. The ambitious pair have a symbiotic relationship and are building their new business to take advantage of one another’s unique strengths. Hofer is a $15 million-plus annual producer and what Buck Hujabre, CEO of Keller Williams Realty Southwest, declares, “a bona fide mega agent.” Torti is a 40-year entertainment industry veteran with a lengthy and award-winning Broadway, film, and television résumé.

While Hofer started in the business as an appraiser in the ’80s and moved into real estate in 2009, Torti just got his license this year. “Bob is new at this business and I’ve been around in the real estate world so long,” Hofer offers. “He’s a best friend and I want to help him be successful immediately. He has the personality and people skills. It’s just about him learning the technical aspects and the real estate lingo.”

He continues, “We weren’t getting anywhere in our former brokerage, and we didn’t want it to take longer than it had to. At Keller Williams, there are so many systems and models in place that we’ve been able to progress so far ahead of where we were.”

For years, Hofer excelled without an internet presence, lead generation system, or marketing plan. His is a referral business, and he’s thrived year over year. “I know that even though I’ve done well, I’m stagnant. I want to build the business better and stronger. Working with Bob, I see that opportunity to grow a team, and eventually help other agents make a great living too, so they can also have a great life.”

After a multi-year lead in Rock of Ages at the Venetian, his own show on CNBC, and more than four decades as an actor, Torti saw an opportunity in the Las Vegas market to join up with Hofer to spearhead a celebrity/sports/entertainment initiative at Keller Williams Southwest. “In entertainment, if I’m in a room with 20 people and I sense that it’s not going well, I can turn it around. The same goes for real estate. We’re in it for our clients.”

The two have incredible energy together. While buying and selling is typically an extremely stressful time, the pair diffuse their clients’ worry with humor and exceptional skill. “We let them know that it’s okay to have fun, to enjoy the process, and that we’ll help them accomplish their goals,” Hofer says. Torti’s people skills and Hofer’s extensive real estate experience make for a perfect combination. They feel the same about their partnership with Keller Williams. Torti chimes in, “We share the same fundamental morals: God, family and doing the right job the right way. Just like Keller Williams, we’re about people first, and the company started supporting us right away.”

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