Denise Madan & Joel Freis

Lindsay Mader| March 7, 2019

Denise Madan & Joel Freis

Real estate partners Denise Madan and Joel Freis worked at RE/MAX for 15 years before joining eXp Realty for its revenue-sharing model. They quickly found that the company that billed itself as a virtual brokerage was having growing pains.  According to Freis, he and Madan were too busy with their own production to pursue the task of building a downline, and they had zero help from their new brokerage.  Unlike Keller Williams, at eXp, the task of recruiting lies solely on the agent – there are no team leaders to pass warm leads off to. So, after less than a year, Madan and Freis knew it was time to make the jump to Keller Williams.

Madan and Freis Move to Keller Williams

The two South Florida agents, who had a 2017 combined closed volume of $20 million, wanted to build a productive expansion team and were attracted to Keller Williams’ training and team structures.

“When we looked nationwide,” Freis says, “a lot of the really big teams were all at KW.”

Since their move in June 2018, Madan and Freis say their local office has a calendar full of training opportunities, agent assessments and mastermind sessions, which have enabled them to build their own skills and recruit eight new agents, some of whom are in other cities. This was difficult at eXp, which had no brick-and-mortar office.

Limitless Growth & Technology

Madan and Freis have also realized that their clients would follow them through a brokerage change: a testament to their relationships and service, and not where they hang their license.  And, they met their annual commission caps – which didn’t exist at RE/MAX – in just a few months. To top it off, the award-winning, AI-powered virtual assistant Kelle has been an impressive way to stay “ahead of the competitors,” says Freis.

“The AI technology puts us on the forefront by far in comparison to other brokerages.”

Madan agrees, adding that she truly believes that co-founder and CEO Gary Keller works for the agents.  “There’d be no reason for people to go anywhere else but KW,” she says. “I don’t know why it took us so long to cross over, but we’re so happy we did.

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