Five Winning Buyer’s Consultation Strategies Every Agent Should Know

Mary Daniels| February 11, 2020

How can I help my client get the home of their dreams for the best price and as fast as possible?

This is the question Keller Williams agent Mary Daniels of Austin, Texas asks herself with every buyer. And with five years of expert experience working exclusively with buyers, she’s discovered the quickest way to answer that question is with a buyer’s consultation. “A buyer’s consultation shouldn’t be optional for anyone, not even friends and family,” says Daniels. 

“You wouldn’t walk into a doctor’s office, claim you are in pain and ask for surgery without first having an exam and discussion about what is really going on and what to expect,” she says. “It’s the same when buying a home.” She continues. “Before the showings even begin, I need to know their goals, desires and commitment.”  

For the Love of Buyers

Daniels has exclusively committed herself to serving buyers since she first became an agent. “I love working with buyers,” she exclaims. “It is such an exciting experience for them. Whether they are purchasing their first home alone, moving up to make room for a growing family or investing in real estate and growing their net worth, it is joyful to walk them through this exciting journey.” A joyful journey, no doubt, though there are serious considerations to take into account as well.

Daniels insists every client undergo a three-step process before the showings even begin: 

  • She begins the journey with a phone call to gather preliminary information.
  • She has clients complete an e-mail questionnaire.
  • Finally, Daniels meets them face-to-face at the buyer’s consultation in her office.

“It is essential to qualify buyers to discover their goals, timelines and set expectations before you begin showing,” Daniels says. Not only does this save time and avoid frustrations for both sides, it also allows for the opportunity to explain the home buying process which is especially crucial for first time home buyers.

Five Strategies to Acing Your Buyers Presentation

Derived from her concentration course at Ignite- Impress the Buyer, once Daniels and her clients agree to work together, she follows these five tactics during every buyer’s consultation:

1. Be positive, always.

Having a positive attitude throughout the entire process is so important, especially, when handing buyers the agreement for signature. For example, don’t say, “Here is the contract we are required by law to have you sign.” Instead, say, “Here is a loyalty agreement which every buyer signs putting us together in a real estate relationship.” Not only is it a more positive and upbeat approach to presenting standard paperwork, it shows this is a relationship and either party is free to leave at any time. 

2. Control the conversation but don’t talk too much.

Before you start your consultation, know what your structure will be and stick to it. Daniels always sets up her consultations with gratitude and thanks the clients for meeting her at the office and for filling out the questionnaire. She then goes through the clients stated desires and needs and ends the consultation with a detailed look at what the actual process of buying a home looks like. “I tell them what to expect once we find their perfect home so when we get there, there are no surprises,” Daniels says.

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“I come to the consultation from the standpoint of how I will serve the client and find the right home for them.”

3. Always come prepared.

This is a professional meeting and you are part of your presentation. Daniels always shows up dressed well, prepared with a client information packet, the clients’ completed questionnaire and something to take notes with. “Based on the questionnaire responses, I already know what additional items I need to bring, such as lender information, and I make sure to have everything in their client packet,” Daniels says.

4. Be solutions-oriented and come from contribution.

Agents can often head into a consultation thinking about why they need this deal to close and what they want. Daniels approaches it differently. “I come to the consultation from the standpoint of how I will serve the client and find the right home for them,” she says. In order to deliver on that, she is always a step ahead prepared to respond to any objection that may arise so she can help the client find a solution. 

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5. End every conversation with the next steps.

For many buyers, the process of buying a home can feel overwhelming. Daniels combats this by ending every conversation with an explanation of what to expect next. This is especially helpful for first-time homebuyers who may not be familiar with the process. Buying a home takes a good deal of time and involves steps such as making an offer, inspections, appraisals, negotiating repairs and working with lenders. Understanding what comes next keeps everyone on the same page.

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Win With Buyers

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