4 Tactics and Scripts For Long-Term Relationship Building

March 18, 2020

When significant events cause a market shift to happen, people might be less open to talking strictly business. But, according to Colorado-based The Bartic Group CEO Brendan Bartic, now’s the time to hop on the phone – taking a moment to focus on four key aspects that will lay the groundwork for fruitful relationships down the road.

As you make your next outbound call, shift your approach to encompass these aspects.

  1. Mindset: If you don’t believe in your own value, you will not be able to help your clients during a turbulent time. The first thing to ask yourself before hopping on any call is, “Am I delivering a million dollar experience to them?” The first person to convince that you are worth it is yourself. Convince yourself that you will deliver that experience and execute. Use Keller Williams as the million-dollar value proposition to your client, and let them know that together, we’ll be able to guide them to safety and financial success.
  2. Practice With Passion: In a shifted market, script practice and role play are essential. Our team practices daily and have added additional sessions so we can feel confident to lead the conversation with potential clients and our sphere of influence. The starting point is, “How are things going?” From there, the scenarios are endless.
  3. Build Relationships Today, Leverage Them Tomorrow: When you’re building relationships, it’s not about a return on investment right this second. Think about the long term. With lead gen, you might be tempted to have a sense of urgency, and in some cases you might get that. But being there for your client today, a month from now, four months from now, and 10 months from now, has value. Generally, about 80 percent of people convert between the eighth and 10th contact. Make that first phone call today and reap the benefits eight months from now.
  4. Come From the Heart: If you’ve built your relationships on solid ground, your clients should be aware that you care – not only about their financial situation, but also their overall safety. But in uncertain times, it’s imperative that they understand you’re willing to go above and beyond to ensure a safe selling experience. Be empathetic, but not apologetic. Remember that whatever is causing the shift is not your fault. You are a consultant in this situation, and you will ensure that your client has the best possible options to get through these trying times.

As you put these practices into play, and your conversations lead down the business path, be prepared to respond to your clients’ most pressing questions. Here are four common questions and scripts to help you navigate them.

Should I wait to sell?
Script: Great question. Let me ask you – in a perfect situation, when would you like to have your home sold by and be in your new home? As soon as possible? One month? We have two things we need to consider now: 1. We can’t sell your home if it’s not on the market. 2. If we wait, so is your competition. When the dust settles, there will be a flood of homes hitting the market and driving prices down. You want to get the most money for the least amount of hassle possible, right? What is the best time to meet tomorrow? 
Note: Mention any pertinent safety precautions that will be used during the selling process (Zoom calls, digital showings, etc.) 

Should I wait to buy? 
Great question. Let me ask you – in a perfect situation, when would you like to buy your new home and be in the new home by? Two things that we need to think about are: 1. You’re making someone rich, and the longer you wait, the richer you are going to make them. 2. Rates are at a historic low. At the moment, your mortgage is the cheapest it will be for the foreseeable future. These two points are impactful if you decide to buy now instead of waiting. Do you want to keep making someone rich?

I’m going to wait to sell. 
So is your competition. Once the dust settles, there will be a flood of properties hitting the market and driving prices down. One thing we know is that buyers will still need to buy. And you’re have an opportunity to be one of the sellers who needs to sell. We might need to think smarter about things and how we can go about things to not put anyone at risk.

I’m going to wait to buy. 
My concern is that every month you wait, you’re making someone richer. We don’t know what is happening in the markets, but we do know that the mortgage rates are low, which could affect your payment by $500–$600. Let’s lock into that, get into some homes, and stop making someone rich. 

It may not seem like it, but this is the best possible time for lead gen. This is the time where you will find people at home, and looking to the future with a lack of certainty. Now is your chance to bring value to your clients and build a database that will pay off dividends in the future.

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