Marc King: Generate Future Success by Getting Back to Basics

Marc King | April 28, 2022

Dear KW Family,

May is the month of possibility. Mortgage rates may go up. Inventory may go down. The only thing that’s for sure is – like Gary Keller says – we have to operate according to the market that’s coming, not the market we’re in. How do we do that? By getting back to the basics.

Fortunately for you, Keller Williams has literally written the book on the fundamentals of running a successful real estate business. It’s a little New York Times bestseller you may have heard of called The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, and it’s loaded with proven systems and models to help you build a strong foundation beneath your limitless business. I personally just finished revisiting the Economic Model on page 181, and the steps of starting with a big goal, knowing the numbers you have to hit, and pursuing the activities you need to do to hit them remains as relevant today as they did when the MREA was first published.

woman in coffee shop reading the book SHIFT by Gary Keller

Then there’s SHIFT, the Keller Williams manual about thriving through economic turmoil. If you entered the industry after the Great Recession, you’ve likely been enjoying a period of real estate prosperity. But now, with rising inflation, supply chain disruptions, and inventory shortages, those glory days are getting a little cloudy. If you plan on making a lasting career out of this business, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the 12 tactics of SHIFT.

To be clear, this message is not intended to scare you. It’s simply to prepare you for the road that lies ahead. There may be some bumps along the way, and it will probably require a little more effort than you’ve had to put forth over the last decade or so, but it’s important to remember that you are not alone. You are surrounded by some of the most talented individuals the real estate industry has to offer, and thanks to KW’s technology, services, and culture, that talent pool just keeps growing larger. As the first “T” in the WI4C2TES states, “Together everyone achieves more,” including you.   

Welcome to the cause, 

Marc King

President, Keller Williams Realty International 

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