Real Estate Automation in Action: How SmartPlans Scale Agent Success

December 11, 2020

“Keller Williams’ suite of technology tools was the number one reason I returned; they have the best tools for business development/growth, and I can’t wait to fully reintegrate all of these technologies back into my business.” 

After leaving Keller Williams in 2019 for a local brokerage and seeing KW’s technology momentum, Florida-based agent Angie Kollcaku knew it was time to make her way back.

“The brokerage offered little in terms of support. I was struggling, running every aspect of my business on my own without the technology tools, marketing design systems, and the ability to mastermind with others.”

When returning, she plugged into Command and discovered the leverage she’d been seeking through SmartPlans

Designed to save users time, SmartPlans is a workflow automation tool that takes care of the functionary aspects of an agent’s business: listing checklists, marketing touchpoints, drip campaigns, and more, so they can focus on being the fiduciary their clients need.

“SmartPlans has taken the stress and time off of everyday functions, allowing me to focus more on building genuine relationships,” she shares. “It has also allowed me to stay on track and top of mind with my contacts.”

In a world where consumers are bombarded with an average of 10,000 messages a day, Kollcaku stresses, “You cannot forget to send a message or miss a communication touch. SmartPlans keeps me accountable while doing some of the work for me; so I can focus on bigger and better things that will grow my business.”

A SmartPlan for Every Business Challenge

With over 20.8 million plans moving through the system, SmartPlans has gained companywide popularity, earning a spot as one of the most beloved applets in Command. Earlier this fall, the technology’s capabilities expanded to include a custom SmartPlan option and a library where users can upload personal SmartPlans for others to use, and vice versa. To date, the library has 1,750-plus plans with an average satisfaction rating of 4.87 – a true testament to Keller Williams’ culture of sharing. 

Marty Miller, Texas South regional technology trainer and team lead of the Summit Property Group in Houston, Texas, is one of many who have leaned into the new library, both drawing from and sharing top-rated SmartPlans. For Miller – whose plans consistently rank among the top five downloaded – sharing is second nature. 

“I believe in giving back to the agent community that continues to inspire me and has helped me build my business,” he says. “That’s what the SmartPlan library is about … give a SmartPlan, take a SmartPlan, similar to the ‘give a penny, take a penny’ tray at the convenience store. I don’t ever feel guilty taking a penny or two when I’m constantly contributing pennies of my own along the way.”

Beyond being a cornerstone of sound business practice, sharing breeds synergy and creativity – both real estate essentials, emphasizes Miller. 

“When one agent shares a SmartPlan, that ignites a creative spark in another agent who can then download, tinker, edit, and improve the SmartPlan to become an even more powerful version of itself; capable of helping others reach new heights with their real estate goals.”

Created By Agents, For Agents 

The agents bettered by KW technology are what fuel Cydne Seymour. As director of training for three market centers in Central Florida, Seymour is laser-focused on helping nearly 600 agents tap into KW’s technology offerings. SmartPlans has been the centerpiece of her recent workshops and conversations. 

“[Before SmartPlans] the follow-up system for many agents was a mashup of Excel spreadsheets, Google documents, and reminders in notebooks and phones that were challenging to keep up with,” she shares. “Knowing that success is in the follow-up, we couldn’t afford to keep this up. Keller Williams heard the need and answered.”

On top of her training role, Seymour is a LABS advisor who works with KWRI’s tech team to bring disruptive tools like SmartPlans to the field. 

“It’s amazing to be on these phone calls to see what’s coming and offer perspective on how KW can refine and improve existing tools,” she shares. “Looking back at what we’ve accomplished only makes me more excited about the future … three, six, 12 months from now. If we can save our agents time and money, that’s a true win-win.”

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