Zack & Spencer Ferrell

March 13, 2020

Zack & Spencer Ferrell

At a time and in a city where many people were discouraged, Zack Ferrell was encouraged and saw opportunity. At just 21 years old and brand-new to real estate, he ignored the headlines dubbing his town one of the top 10 “failing cities” in America and started his real estate business anyway.

With the odds stacked against him and not knowing a single person looking to buy or sell a house, Zack hit the ground running by calling on FSBOs and expireds. “I got my start in a city no one wanted to work or live in,” he says. “But it is the 12th largest city in Ohio and I knew eventually it would turn.” His wait-and-sell strategy paid off as the city did eventually make its comeback, and when others were beginning to drum up their business, Zack was already well-established as the local expert and on the cusp on building a 20-million-dollar team.

Though having the same last name despite no relation may be a mere coincidence, their meeting was not. Spencer Ferrell met Zack at church and expressed his desire to build his own real estate business. Spencer asked to shadow Zack for a day and that was all it took to hook him. Spencer became an agent, and a couple of years later, the two teamed up in 2019 for $20 million in closed volume.

So what motivated two successful, top-producing real estate agents to make a move from ERA to Keller Williams? For Zack and Spencer, the answer was culture, team building, and technology.

We’re Here for More Than Selling Homes

One thing Zack and Spencer have in common is their passion for the relationship aspect of the business. Being devoted to their community and all who live there, the culture and agent-centric focus at Keller Williams was something that first attracted them to the company.

“People gave me a chance when I was a 21-year-old kid living with my parents when I started my business,” Zack says. “We as real estate agents think we do all these great things for our clients, but sometimes, I think we forget what our clients have done for us. It’s truly an honor to be in business with them.”

Mirroring that sentiment, Spencer says, “I love the relationship part of the business. There are times I am actually sad when a house closes because I know I am going to miss seeing the clients on a weekly basis.” Though daily interactions do eventually end, Spencer nurtures the connection and keeps in touch with them all year long, and now that he’s with Keller Williams, staying in touch and top of mind will be easier than ever with Command.

To Get to Where They Are Going, They Needed More

With a solid foundation and their big why defined, Zack and Spencer started looking to the future and defining what kind of team they would build. The goal was quality over quantity. They had the why, but needed the how. “We were happy, but we felt there was more opportunity out there,” says Spencer. “We sat down one day and mapped out our goal to build a team and needed structure, tools, and training to do this. All the signs pointed at Keller Williams.” The two plan to waste no time submerging themselves in the team building and training opportunities available only at KW.

“The future is taking us in the same direction where Keller Williams is going, and they are the only company doing what they do for their agents,” says Zack. “Their technology, culture, and vision are larger than anywhere else.”

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