Stephanie Peck

March 16, 2020

Stephanie Peck

Stephanie Peck, of PEX Realty Group, was comfortable and content with her former brokerage in Oregon City, Oregon, where she closed out 2019 with 40 units and $17.6 million in production. She’s never once considered moving elsewhere in her 13-year career, until last summer, when more business was coming her way than she was able to handle on her own.

“I’d had years of conversations with some Keller Williams agents and friends and knew that the company literally wrote the book on how to put a team in place. I realized that I was missing out because I wasn’t using the power of leverage.”

She thought about how a partnership with Keller Williams would give her the tools and systems to not only capture the business, but also give other agents opportunities to grow and succeed.

“I realized I could put a team in place, empower others, take on new business, keep doing what I love, and get some of my life back,” she reflects. In November 2019, she made the move over to KW Portland Elite.

A consummate people person, around town she’s known as The Real Life Realtor, is active in her community, and makes connections everywhere she goes. “Stephanie is very well-known in her local market and sought after by both buyers and sellers,” shares Team Leader Lora Smith. “Her reputation precedes her.”

Peck laughs about being “relentless” on social media and confesses that real estate isn’t just a business, but a real hobby. “People can’t help but think about real estate when they think of me. It’s what I love and talk about all the time on Facebook and Instagram.”

Another catalyst for Peck’s move was centered around her big why and Keller Williams’ missional emphasis on building a legacy worth leaving. She recalls how most firms focus on encouraging their agents to sell home after home until the phone stops ringing and you retire. When her eyes were opened to Keller Williams’ models and business-building profit share program, her mindset transformed.

“I want to create a different life for my family. I’m finally thinking like a business owner instead of an agent and using already established models to grow something that my kids can be a part of someday. I know now that a strategically built real estate business provides opportunities for a lifetime and beyond. I’m so excited about the future with Keller Williams.”

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