Suzanne Moore

Lalaina Rabary| May 31, 2019

Suzanne Moore

After spending 12 years at Truman & Co. in Key West, Florida, and closing an impressive $21 million in 2018, Suzanne Moore was anxious for a change but unsure of where to go.

“I enjoyed my time at the firm but found myself stressed out all the time. I felt like there had to be a better way,” she shares.

Little did she know the future she’d envisioned was around the corner at Keller Williams Key West Compass Realty.

When Michael Behmke, operating principal at KW Key West Compass Realty, invited Moore to attend Family Reunion – the company’s largest training event – she admits she was skeptical.

“I anticipated that I would gain some new business ideas, but never imagined I’d find my new professional home.”

At the event, Moore was introduced to solutions she’d spent years searching for. She learned about the company’s rapid technology advancements and networked with other top producers who illustrated how the company’s models would allow her to grow her business without compromising precious time with her family.

“Once I met other agents at my level of production and learned about how I could expand my business while spending more time with my family, I knew I had found my next chapter.”

In less than a month at Keller Williams, Moore’s uncertainty has been replaced with newfound confidence and optimism of what the future holds.

“I feel like I’m at the cutting edge of my profession at Keller Williams. This company doesn’t just invest in technology, but people. I feel like I’m part of a new culture and new family.”

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