From Real Estate Rookies to Farm and Ranch Leaders

Lalaina Rabary| November 11, 2020

After a successful morning of team roping practice with her husband, Bailey Groves packs her bags and heads to a listing appointment. Her twin sister, Chelsea Matlock, finishes cowhorse practice with her fiance and jumps in her truck to meet Groves there. The appointment goes well and they close on the listing, making it their 52nd this year. At year three, the sisters and business partners have catapulted their growth 56% year over year, earning six times more than they did in their previous careers. 

Like many real estate agents, Groves’ and Matlock’s journey was the unexpected detour that stuck; it was also a welcomed trade from the stringent (and limiting) structure of corporate America. 

After six years of hard work to earn her master’s degree in equine science, Matlock realized the vertical growth path was slim in her field. “And for me, I was working 60 hours a week for little pay,” shares Groves. “Plus, everybody in our family is self-employed. Our parents are seventh-generation farmers. We wanted to get back to those roots and work hard for ourselves, together.” 

With nothing lined up, the sisters left to dive headfirst into a career in real estate, with a specific focus on farm and ranch. They admit the first year was challenging. 

Real Estate: Year One 

“We would struggle forward, go to the gym after work, and come back and keep working until 9 p.m. There were a lot of darts being thrown at the wall hoping they’d stick, but working together gave us an incredible opportunity to keep each other motivated,” says Groves. 

The uphill climb quickly paid off. 

“When we looked up and realized we not only hit, but exceeded our yearly goals by $3 million, which at first I thought were completely unattainable – it was a high-five moment. Going into this, we knew failure was never an option, and because of the way Keller Williams has wrapped their arms around us, I know it will never be a reality,” shares Groves. “The support we’ve received from our peers has been phenomenal. They mastermind with us at a moment’s notice and our operating principal always answers our calls to offer sound business advice.”

Between Matlock’s passion for big thinking, Groves’ ability to track on details, and the giving culture at Keller Williams DFW Metro SW, the twins have been able to move from breakout to consistent success and continue on their upward trajectory. 

“I always want to take a bigger risk, whereas Bailey is more hesitant. She isn’t scared to push back, like when we were goal-setting our first year. Bailey is also more patient than me and helps keep us going. Both of us are very driven,” details Matlock. 

In a specialization where determination, grit, and a deep understanding of the land are essential, having an ambitious and equally-knowledgeable business partner to count on gives the sisters an edge over their competition. 

A Competitive Edge 

“We grew up steeped in agriculture; on the back of a horse, watching my parents raise cattle. We were very hands-on [on the farm] and still are to this day. Chelsea is active in the reined cowhorse world and equine sales, I team rope and we’re starting our own calf operations. Farm and ranch is the life we lead,” says Groves.  

“We talk dirt, grass, and trees on location and livestock load on a piece of property,” adds Matlock. “You can’t fake that or fumble your way through. Owners know if you’re blowing smoke or if you’re not genuine because they’re hard workers who have made their ranch what it is. Our lifelong journey of learning what we know – another agent can’t replicate that overnight. Understanding the details and intricacies of farm and ranch sets us apart.” 

Building the Brand

This intimate understanding also shows up in their carefully curated social media presence – which has been the second-highest driver of business, next to their sphere. A quick scroll through their Facebook page showcases sweeping acres of beautiful properties paired with hi-res imagery and detailed captions that transport the viewer into the lifestyle they cherish; one more and more Americans are paying to participate in. Since the start of the global pandemic, more clients from larger cities and the DFW metroplex have been the bulk of the buyer pool,” shares Matlock.

“We live the lifestyle of the brand we try to create. That includes the experiences that we share with our clients and it organically draws people in,” explains Groves. 

Matlock agrees, “People want to work with people they like and want to buy houses with their friends; that’s the mentality and mindset we have with social media. For example, we wouldn’t just post a photo of a property with the caption ‘just listed or just sold’ – we’d say that we’re about to list a ranch that has never seen the MLS, and detail out that it is a heritage site property in which the family has spent 20 years building the facility … ending with excitement that we’re going to help them make their next move. It’s about sharing content that hits at the core of our audience.”  

Sights on Success 

While the last three years have been nothing short of exciting, Groves and Matlock have their eyes set on accomplishing much more: expanding their team, opening a residential real estate division, and even hosting their own show on Ride TV, “Blonde Ambition,” which premieres on November 11 at 9 p.m. (CST) – all laddering up to their big why. 

“I’ve always lived life on the safe track – going to college, getting straight As, now getting married and buying a house; everything has been scheduled,” admits Matlock. “So, my big why is to grow a business that will eventually run itself so I can live the life I’ve been striving for, to be free.” 

For Groves, a big life includes building a home on land she’s purchased with her husband and, like Matlock, enjoying experiences that only a career in real estate can afford them. 

“I feel like we get one shot on this earth and there are so many things out there that you can do and see and experience. And we don’t want to be limited by that at all.” 

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