Millionaire Real Estate Agent Models Propel the Zia Group to $170M

Ada Ciuca| November 10, 2020

When Zia Group broker associate Daniel Zia first picked up a copy of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, he was a soon-to-be-married 21-year-old college student learning his way to a real estate license. “I read the book while I was studying for my license on my honeymoon,” Zia remembers.

Fast-forward to 2020, Zia and his team are on track to produce $170 million in volume for 2020 – a $100 million increase from last year, and volumes away from the $30 million he was pulling in 7.5 years ago when he initially joined Keller Williams alongside one part-time assistant. “The book gave me a framework to build a company and not just start a new job,” Zia says. “I am very entrepreneurial and wanted to know, from step one, what I can do to build a company and not just create a structure for me to have a job working for someone else.” 

It’s All About Leverage

By the time he began his journey at Keller Williams, Zia already had years of real estate experience under his belt, having implemented MREA knowledge at his previous brokerage. However, he shares, it took years for him to really use the models at their maximum potential.

“In the beginning, I thought I knew a lot – but I don’t think I did the model very well for years,” he shares. “However, what I pulled most from it in the beginning was the principle of leverage and not building a job, but a business.” So, as a first order of business after joining the company, Zia focused on stepping into the Organizational Model. “I came to Keller Williams to really implement the model of team building,” he says. “I wanted more time, not more money.” 

By implementing the MREA’s Organizational Model, which identifies the key areas for growth success as hiring admin help, hiring talent, and training and consulting, Zia was able to grow from one part-time administrative staff member to a team of 17: seven agent partners and a remaining combination of full-time and part-time staff. “From there, it’s been systematic implementation: What’s the next part of the model that I’m not implementing?” he says. 

Legacies Worth Leaving

Since committing to the teachings of the MREA 15 years ago, Zia achieved success at scale: both in the growth of his team members and the numerical value of his business. But for the Santa Barabara-based Realtor, building a bigger life extends beyond business. During quarantine, Zia has taken the opportunity to live out KW’s mission to create legacies worth living by infusing the principles of the MREA book into his son.

For a $10 fee, 9-year-old Jadon (also known as Zia Group’s director of Gen Z) read and annotated the MREA, discussing each of the ideas with Zia afterward. Alongside his dad, Jadon even created a YouTube video summary with his aha’s (for additional payment, of course). Since reading the book, Jadon has become an integral part of his father’s business by doing weekly in-depth market update videos on the Santa Barbara real estate market on his father’s social channels. “I also shadow him – just watch what he does – and I’ve gone on a few appointments with him. I mostly just learn from his mistakes,” Jadon jokes. 

“I love the statement ‘I want my ceiling to be my kids’ floor,’” Zia shares. “Whatever I get to, I want Jadon and my daughter Eden to start there and go the next round.”

A Bigger Business for All

Ultimately, Zia’s goal is to pay it forward, not just for his family, but for his associates. “My GPS (goals, priorities, strategies) is right next to me, and it’s simply to make Zia Group a large enough vehicle to allow all my team members to create a real impact on their families and communities,” he says. “Our big why is real impact.” 

The company creates real impact by giving 25% of their profits to vulnerable women and children, a cause that Zia Group associates are passionate in contributing to. At the moment, Zia has in store more big-impact plans. This time, featuring his own partners. For the end of the year, profit share is top-of-mind with the leader. “I want to create this waterfall mechanism that everyone gets to celebrate,” he says. “We want to have a big impact – not just on the community around us, but on our team members that are salaried and don’t have the same upside as an agent to get to enjoy the waterfall.” 

A Retrospective Take

Looking at his 15-year career, Zia is proud of the impactful way in which he’s been able to implement the MREA’s models and snowball into a big life for himself, his family, and his business associates. The only thing he would do differently is start with the model from day one: “Thinking I know much more than I did at the time, I started with innovation and then implemented the model. Today, I would start with the model,” he says.

Between the processes and access to fellow top real estate minds, Zia’s time with Keller Williams is invaluable. “At this point in our business, being able to collaborate with other top Keller Williams agents as the model grows and adjusts with the changing times is so valuable. If you’re trying to create every model from scratch, you grow at a snail’s pace. By having a group of people who will share what’s working for them with you, you’ll grow at an exponential pace.” 

Systematize Your Success

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