Q&A: Expand Your Opportunity with KW New Homes

August 13, 2021

Matt Green (Head of Growth & Partner Experience - KW) , Mandy Van Streepen (COO, Legacy International), and Philip Jalufka (CEO, Legacy International) discuss the opportunity available to KW agents through the newly created New Homes Community with KWRI's social correspondent, Marliese Gowin.

  • Allan Schweinberg says:

    Great segment!

  • OTAI SAMUEL says:

    I have watched and enjoyed the discussions especially on the Builder /Developer Agents connection by Mandy Van Streepen. I wonder if the course can be available for me too who wants to do business with KW, much as Iam not a Subscribed Agent with KW, I have the Networks, inventory, & ground work experience.
    What is your plan to open up business in Uganda Post Covid 19, or even through referral commission to the nearest KW office ie South Africa incase of me in Uganda.

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