Introducing Molly de Mattos, KSCORE Coach

November 2, 2021

Meet Molly de Mattos, KSCORE Coach! An agent and team co-owner, Keller Williams University instructor, and KW MAPS Coach, de Mattos has collaborated with the program to create a special curriculum titled KW Career Prep, with modules focusing on balancing the practical elements taught in real estate school with real-world application.

KW Prep is not approved by any state regulatory agency to satisfy the required prelicensing or continuing education requirements for real estate agents or brokers. This Keller Williams Realty, Inc. program is not a recognized educational institution for higher education or an accredited school, and it does not offer courses for credit. KW Prep is designed to help set individuals up for success in their real estate career.

  • Gina Coppola says:

    This is awesome! Can you please make this shareable?

    • Ada Ciuca says:

      Hi Gina, we’re so happy to see there is excitement around this! At the moment, this is the only spot the video is available. You are welcome to share this link for the time being 🙂 I have passed the request to make the video more sharable forward.

  • Rosetta Mebane says:

    I’m interested in real estate school and wanted more info on it.

  • Amanda Dahl says:

    I am excited to recruit and I would love to share this video. Please help!

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