The BOLD Pivot Effect: More Contacts, More Contracts, More Listings

July 24, 2020

Remo Said

When California’s stay-at-home order went into place in early March, Remo Said – agent and co-owner of the Keller Williams Pacific Estates/La Mirada market center – knew it was time for him and his team to buckle down. During his decade-long real estate career; six of 10 with Keller Williams; Said has built a steady and successful business through action. In 2019 alone, Said closed $18.7 million in volume – an increase of $9.5 million from the previous year.

At the end of March into April, the team of five put things into high gear, leaning on one another and their coaches for accountability. They also enrolled in BOLD Pivot – Keller Williams’ virtual training event built from a curriculum that conditions agents with powerful mindset exercises, language techniques, and business-building strategies. Joined by 40,000-plus real estate agents from around the world, Said shares the program was exactly what he needed to maintain a mindset for success.  

“Action has been instilled in me through the combination of KW training and coaching. When the pandemic hit, our KW MAPS Coaches underscored the urgency we needed to keep going,” he recalls. “With BOLD Pivot, we were around others who carried the same mindset; they were also movers and shakers who were focused on opportunity and as a result were able to keep their business afloat and take market share.” 

During the four weeks of live training, Said and the participants learned how to master the market of the moment and set up their business for future wins.

“In BOLD Pivot, instructors shared scripts that we leveraged to make care calls and encouraged us to further our focus to come from a place of contribution. We called buyer leads and if anyone said they lost their job, we would send them resources. We even helped clients apply for PPP [Paycheck Protection Program] loans.”

Proof in the Numbers

“The goal in BOLD Pivot was to create more opportunities and conversations to maintain your level of business. We added 309 contacts to our database and 39 opportunities in our pipeline through a combination of care calls and Facebook leads in Command,” shares Said. “We continue to run upgrade ads showcasing homes with new pools in the area to capture sellers disguised as buyers and are yielding $1 per lead – that’s incredible.”

For Said and his team, the instruction and coaching paid off. Among the overall Keller Williams collective, the results were equally impressive. Keller Williams agents who enrolled in the program; in relation to those who didn’t; averaged:

  • 46% more contacts created
  • 39% more opportunities created
  • 14% more listings taken
  • 9% more contracts written

Additionally, they:

  • Created 39% more opportunities
  • Created 79% more SmartPlans to stay in communication with clients 
  • Generated 133% more Campaigns

Past the production gains, Said shares that he was able to elevate his thinking through BOLD Pivot.

“Being around BIG thinkers who are looking at today’s landscape at a national level inspires us to have a bigger world. As agents and leaders, it’s not just what we do internally that matters, it’s about having a vision large enough so small obstacles go away. If we just focus on smaller issues, then our mind will get the best of us during slower times. At the end of the day, being around others who push you to stretch and focus on possibility is the most important thing you could do.”

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