Mega Camp 2021: The Key To Winning the Markets of the Present and Future

June 29, 2021

We are living in a time of historic demand, fierce competition, and rapid innovation. Things move and change in the blink of an eye, meaning it has never been more important for agents to focus on their business, their clients, and the crucial moments that bring them together. That is the key to winning the market of this moment, and that is the mission of Mega Camp 2021.

After a year that took the industry in every direction, the summer’s most influential real estate event couldn’t come at a better time. Broadcasting from the Austin Convention Center to your computer, Mega Camp 2021 promises to deliver the timely, actionable, and strategic training you need to seize the moments that matter most.

“As we gear up for our second virtual Mega Camp, we’re excited to share insights from our top agents, entertaining and educational sessions that will keep attendees glued to their screens, and moments that remind us how special it is to be a part of the culture at Keller Williams,” KWRI president Marc King says. “The industry is ever-evolving, so it is incredibly important for agents to focus on their businesses, but also feel inspired and supported along the way.”

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Read on for more about what you’ll see, do, and learn at Mega Camp 2021.

Meeting Your Business Goals Where You Are

Less time traveling and commuting between sessions means more time to focus on leveling up your business. And, no matter where you are or which stage your business is in, Mega Camp 2021 has the training content you need to grow and succeed in the current market.

Insightful Breakouts: Whether you’re focused on leads, listings, leverage, or wealth building, the strategic breakout tracks at this year’s Mega Camp are sure to provide actionable knowledge across the board. Best of all, you’ll have access to video recordings once the event ends, meaning you can attend all the sessions you missed or revisit the ones you liked best.

Mega Agent Interviews: What do you get when KW founder and real estate oracle Gary Keller sits down with some of the top-producing agents and leaders across the industry and world? Hours of valuable insights, inspirational stories, and trade secrets you can leverage to build a big business and an even bigger life. This is your chance to stand on the shoulders of giants.

Entertaining Spotlight Sessions: Laugh and learn with a captivating and interactive game show like “Clash of the Closers,” where some of KW’s best objection-handlers battle through several rounds of role-play for a place in the finals. The clash is live, so anything can happen and the audience decides who advances each round.

Memorable Culture Moments: From kicking things off at the Welcome Party to rediscovering our “why” at the Cultural Summit, you’ll see what sets KW culture apart from any other company in the real estate industry. Join in on the fun from wherever you are by interacting on the session live chats and finding new friends through the platform referral tool.  

Your Road Map to Winning Big

From the immersive digital platform to an expansive worldwide network of agents to Gary Keller  himself, Mega Camp 2021 offers the unparalleled educational content you need right now. With these tools in your corner, you’ll find your business hitting a new gear:

An avenue to interact with agents from all over. Unlock a whole new world of potential referrals by getting paired with like-minded agents from across the globe in the event’s virtual platform, so you can bond over your business needs and your biggest takeaways from educational sessions.

A pathway to discover real solutions for your real estate problems. The solutions-based virtual Exhibit Hall allows you to find the vendor you need for any business challenge or enhancement. After browsing the vendors, you’ll uncover multiple ways to amplify your success.

 Words to the wise from the wisest around. Every session features either Gary Keller or top-notch industry experts, so you’ll learn from the best in the business and head home with a notebook full of ideas to get you excited and prepped for the future.

Immersion in a culture like no other. No matter if it’s in person or virtual, Mega Camp always puts KW culture front and center. As we convene virtually once more in 2021, the Mega Camp digital format connects you with KW agents from all over the world, as only Keller Williams can.

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