30 Social Media Prompts to Help You Spring Into Action This April

March 23, 2022

One of the best ways to share your brand and connect with your audience is to post on your social media channels. Making your content as engaging as possible is the best way to make your page a flourishing flower this April. The good news is, we’ve got just the content for you to make this happen! Use some or all of the  social media content ideas below to boost your brand and connect with your followers this April!

This month in Designs you’ll find fun and exciting new graphics to celebrate April holidays from Earth Day and Easter. Be sure to check them out!

Week 1

  • April 1 – It’s the first day of April! You know what that means … it’s April Fools! Believe nothing and trust no one. 👀🤡 Ask your followers about their favorite prank they’ve played on a friend or coworker. Highlight the day by using an April Fools’ Day graphic from Designs!
  • April 2 Today is the first day of Ramadan! Be sure to wish those who celebrate a happy holiday. Use a holiday graphic to engage your followers and inform them about Ramadan celebrations.
  • April 3 – This Fair Housing Month, publicly showcase your commitment to creating inclusive communities and serving all clients equally. To help you out, check out the graphics in Designs.

Week 2

  • April 4 – Get your audience excited for what’s coming. Share a Coming Soon graphic to highlight a new listing that’s just about to hit the market.
  • April 5 – Spring is upon us! Highlight one or two of the best local flower shops in your area to help your audience start the season off with some color. 💐🌻🌷Ask your followers for pictures of the beautiful bouquets they’ve bought. 
  • April 6 – We all have that one person we can always count on in the workplace. Highlight a coworker of yours and share why they have made such a big difference to you.
  • April 7 – With all of the beautiful sunshine bringing brighter days, seeing more of the sun is a must. Highlight a home that has great natural lighting or even a glass wall to wow home buyers!
  • April 8 – Something new and exciting is on the horizon! Show off a new home or developing neighborhood to your followers using a Neighborhood Snap graphic.
  • April 9 – You probably spend most of your week working, but what about when work is play? Tell your followers about your favorite aspect of working in real estate and ask fellow agents or followers in other fields to share what they love about their jobs.
  • April 10 – What’s up at the local recreation center? Share some classes or activities being offered so that your audience of homebuyers knows what’s up in the area.

Week 3

  • April 11 – There’s nothing that can bring some life into a room like a new plant! The variety of household plants range from easy-care plants such as pothos to colorful varieties such as succulents. Share your collection of household plants or provide some inspiration with a photo of what plants can add to a space. 🍃
  • April 12 – Make a new home that you’re selling pop by highlighting it with a For Sale graphic! 🏠
  • April 13 – Is your audience looking for a fun weeknight activity? Shed some light on a local arcade or roller skate park. Let your community know that you know what the area has to offer.
  • April 14 – Keep your audience aware of what’s going on with a midmonth Market Update. Use a Market Update graphic from Designs to get started.
  • April 15 – Today marks the first day of Passover. Wish your followers a joyful beginning to this eight-day holiday. Use holiday graphics from Designs to get started.
  • April 16 – With the weather warming up, it’s a great time to let the dogs out. Highlight a local dog park for pet owners to take their furry friends for the weekend. 🐕
  • April 17 – Did the Easter Bunny visit? 🌸🌿🌼🐣 Use a new Easter graphic to celebrate the holiday and wish your followers a Happy Easter!

Week 4

  • April 18 – It’s Tax Day! May all your taxes lead to returns! Use a graphic to remind your followers in case they forgot!
  • April 19 – Update your following about an upcoming open house so that they know when and where to be. Use an Open House graphic to share key information.
  • April 20 – Have you been on any spontaneous adventures lately? Or maybe an exciting planned trip with a friend? Share about your most recent trip and ask your followers about an exciting adventure that totally made their year! ⛺ 🗾 ⛰ 🚣 
  • April 21 – It’s critical to be aware of your home value when buying and selling. Inform your followers about their home value with an eye-catching Home Value graphic.
  • April 22 – Happy Earth Day! To honor Earth is to honor ourselves. 🌎 Celebrate the beauty of Earth and what it does for us by asking your followers about their favorite way to spend time in nature. Use an Earth Day graphic to highlight this holiday!
  • April 23 – It’s time to dust off … well … everything. Highlight a local cleaning service that can help out with your followers’ spring-cleaning.
  • April 24 – Take care of your body and it will take care of you. Share a sport or physical activity that you do and why you love it! Ask your followers what they do to stay active and keep the engine well-oiled. 

Week 5

  • April 25 – As the expert, you know best about what’s happening in the area. Give a local market update to let your followers know how the market is doing. Customize a Local Expert graphic to make it happen.
  • April 26 – It’s almost the end of the month! 📅 What goals did you set for April? Have you accomplished them? Check in with your audience.
  • April 27 – We’ve got a deal! 🤝 Show off a property that’s sold and spoken for with an Under Contract graphic.
  • April 28 – Who doesn’t love live music? Whether it’s a rock concert or a symphony, highlight an upcoming live music event that your followers would love to attend! 🎸🎺🎙️
  • April 29 – The new personally-branded magazine is here. Make sure to share with your audience. 
  • April 30 – I scream you scream, we all scream for ice cream!🍦 Highlight your favorite local ice cream shop for your audience to try out as the weather gets warmer.

Share Your Tips and Strategies

Let’s talk about what’s working. As you implement these ideas into your social media strategy, we want to hear which tips and tricks create the most engagement with your audience. Let us know in the comments below!

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