31 August Prompts to Make Your Social Media Marketing a Walk in the Park

Suzy Bushman | July 28, 2022

As the face of your brand, your presence online can help boost business and build connections with your audience. By showing off your expertise and your personal style, you can help past and potential clients alike feel excited about working with you. Our month’s worth of August prompts can get you started as you build out your posting calendar and find success through social media. 

Take a look at our daily prompts below and scroll through the customizable graphic templates from Designs to help you feel confident in your social media marketing this month!

Week 1

August 1 – First day of the month, first day of the week! 🗓️ Check in with your audience about your yearly goals. ✅ What goals do you have for the rest of the year? Ask your followers to chime in with how their goals are going. 

August 2 – This home is officially off the market! 🙌 Use an Under Contract design template from Designs to highlight a home that’s newly under contract. Share your client’s story to show potential home-buyers the value of buying in the shifting market

August 3 – Is that a back-to-school commercial on TV? ✏️🏫🎒 Highlight the schools in your area and share insights about the ones local parents and students love.

August 4 – The right painting or portrait can add so much to a home. Share an art piece displayed in your home that you feel particularly connected to. 🎨🖌️ Ask your audience about art that they love to have displayed. 

August 5 – Once they see what’s coming you’ll have hesitant homebuyers no more! Use a Coming Soon template from Designs to tease a new listing that’s about to hit the market.

August 6 – Summer will be over in the blink of an eye! Highlight a local business owner or vendor who closes up shop once the season is over. Encourage your audience to book before the month ends!

August 7 – Make a splash with a summery post! ☀️🌊 Highlight the best places to go swimming, whether it be the local pool, lake, or lagoon. Plus, post a memory of you with loved ones at your favorite place for a dip and ask your audience about their summer swimming memories. ❤️

Week 2

August 8 – There’s a lot going on in the market. Update your audience with a Market Update graphic and be the economist of choice. 

August 9 – What’s going on around town? Share some local festivals that will be passing through this month. 🎉

August 10 – It’s awesome to see your teammates shine. Highlight a coworker who is an absolute expert at what they do. 👌🌟 Tell your followers about how you’ve grown through their knowledge and skills. 

August 11 – There’s nothing like a success story to encourage buyers to enter the market. Share a client testimonial using a graphic template from Designs.

August 12 – On days like this, you just have to be outside. Share 3 of your favorite places to eat with patio seating so your audience can make the most of the warm weather. 🌅

August 13 – Are you the host with the most? Show off the curated set-up you use to host a dinner party. 🍽️🍝 Ask your audience for their best hosting tips for doing dinner with friends and family and share your favorite responses on your story. 

August 14 – Obsessed with the fruits and veggies that are in season? Highlight your local farmer’s market and share with your audience the produce that’s freshest right now. 🌽🍅🍑

Week 3

August 15 – These warm nights call for fun outings. Post about the best drive-in movie theater around. 🍿📽️🎟️

August 16 – You know your market! Show off your knowledge with a Local Expert graphic template. 

August 17 – How’s that home improvement going? Take a moment to post an update on a project you’ve been working on. Share what’s gone wrong and what’s gone right and get your audience’s experiences with projects like yours!

August 18 – 🏘️🏡🏠🏡 Stir up some interest in three listings with a For Sale template from Designs.

August 19 – There are plenty of reasons why a one-story home may make more sense. Post about some of the most beautiful one-story homes in your area. 

August 20 – These homes are flying off the shelves! Get your potential homebuyers in the competitive spirit with an Under Contract update

August 21 – They say that we’re a combination of the five people we spend the most time with. Post a picture of you and a friend and explain how they’ve made you who you are for the better! ❤️

Week 4

August 22 – What new classes is your local Recreation Center planning for the fall? 🍁🍂 Share the new class schedule and sign up for an activity yourself! Ask your audience what upcoming events they’re interested in. 

August 23 – ❤️‼️Today is the start of Mega Agent Camp! ‼️❤️ Whether you’re attending online or in person, post a photo! Tell your audience about the part of the event you’re most excited for. Or post tomorrow and share your favorite insight from the conference!

August 24 – Give your followers a look around with a Neighborhood Snap!

August 25 – What are you working towards? Use your story to talk about your big plans, whether they be professional or personal! 🔥💯💪 Ask your audience members what it means to them to be working towards something bigger. 

August 26 – Get the buzz going! 🐝 Post about your upcoming open house using an Open House graphic from Designs.

August 27 – Why learn from a textbook when you can get a much more immersive experience? Highlight the best museums in your area where individuals and families can learn and enjoy at the same time! 🖼️🗿💡

August 28 – The summer sun is setting! 🌅 Share pictures in your story to create a highlight real of your favorite memories this summer. Talk about your favorite moments in the past few months and why they are important to you. ❤️

Week 5

August 29 – Where can your followers go to play a little pick-up? 🏀⛹️ Share your knowledge of the places people go to get their game on. 

August 30 – Help your audience with their monthly budgets by letting them know more about the value of their assets. 💰🏡 Give them the info they need with a Home Value graphic.

August 31 – It’s an oldie but a goodie. Post a vintage picture that perfectly encapsulates what home means to you. 📸 Share why you picked it and ask your audience to share what home means to them. 

Share Your Tips and Strategies

Let’s talk about what’s working. As you implement these ideas into your social media strategy, we want to hear which tips and tricks create the most engagement with your audience. Let us know in the comments below!

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