28 Ideas to Ignite Your Social Media Spark This February

January 21, 2022

In many ways, familiarity can enhance liking. That’s why a good social media presence can truly help build connections between you and the members of your network. Posting is the easy part, but coming up with ideas to keep up with your brand can be difficult work. Fortunately, we’ve got you started with these 28 ideas to help ignite that spark between you and your followers. 

We have more than just prompts for February! Don’t forget to check out the updated holiday graphics and templates in Designs for this month.

Week 1

  • February 1Happy Lunar New Year! Wish your followers a wonderful new year with a holiday graphic!
  • February 2Groundhog Day is here. Check to see if the weather will change or if it’s more of the same! Ask your audience if they’re ready for spring or prepared for more winter.
  • February 3It’s Black History Month! Honor this month with a graphic from Designs combined with a caption that shares what Black History Month means to you. Commit to amplifying Black voices to put even more intention behind your words.
  • February 4 – Fine dining for Valentine’s Day? 🍽️ That means reservations. Highlight three of the finest restaurants in your community and let your audience know if they’ll need a reservation to snag a spot.
  • February 5 – You’re the local expert here. Show what you know with a Local Expert graphic from Designs. 
  • February 6 – The right palette can make a masterpiece. Share your favorite color scheme with your audience, whether it be for a home or a clothing ensemble. 

Week 2

  • February 7 – Small Business Highlight! Show off a local artisan who makes beautiful jewelry. 💎
  • February 8 – How are the local investments doing? Let your followers know what their home value is with a Home Value graphic.
  • February 9 – There are a lot of things out of your control, but there are many in your control too. Tell your followers about what you do to feel confident and powerful. Ask them to share how they remind themselves they’ve got this. 
  • February 10 – Show your support! Highlight a Black-owned business, vendor, or provider in your community and thank them! ✨
  • February 11 – Get your followers excited for a listing that’s about to hit the market! (Hint: Use one of our Coming Soon graphic templates!) 
  • February 12 – There are so many different kinds of love! Share a picture of you with the person you consider your best friend and what they do to support you. 💗
  • February 13 – It’s game day! 🏈 Show off your celebratory setup on your story and react to the game. Go team!

Week 3

  • February 14Happy Valentine’s Day! 💖 Spread the love with a holiday graphic
  • February 15 – Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a spa day every day. Highlight a listing with a luxurious bathroom all ready for some R&R. 
  • February 16 – You know what time it is. Time to break out the midmonth market update! Grab a Market Update graphic and let your followers know what’s going on in your local area.
  • February 17 – Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were you. Show off a strength that you’ve made a special effort to build in yourself as a real estate agent, or discuss a weakness that you’ve overcome. 💪 Ask your audience to show off the strengths they’ve worked for.
  • February 18 – You know how to make sure your client is a happy customer. Share a client testimonial to show off your expertise.
  • February 19 – Time to get the word out on your killer inventory. Use a For Sale graphic to make it happen. 
  • February 20 – It’s awesome to see splashes of color around town! 🎨 Highlight your favorite local mural and make sure to tag the artist. Let them know you love their work.

Week 4

  • February 21Happy Presidents Day! Use a holiday graphic to celebrate.
  • February 22Open house incoming! Drum up some interest with an Open House graphic from Designs. 
  • February 23 – What gets your creative juices flowing? Share your favorite way to be creative with your audience. Ask them what hobbies they pursue that allow them to think outside the box. 💡
  • February 24 – You’ve put in the work to be an industry expert. Let your community see your knowledge with a little known fact about the ins and outs of your profession. 
  • February 25Sold! Show off a house that’s now Under Contract with a graphic.
  • February 26 – “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” Take a moment to reflect on your current phase in life. What are the benefits and the challenges? How are you making the most of it? Share with your followers.
  • February 27 – A lot can change in a month. Make sure to keep your followers updated with a Neighborhood Snap. 

Week 5

  • February 28 – How are your New Year’s resolutions and goals? Check in on your progress and ask your audience how they’re progressing. Follow up and provide encouragement. 

Share Your Tips and Strategies

Let’s talk about what’s working. As you implement these ideas into your social media strategy, we want to hear which tips and tricks create the most engagement with your audience. Let us know in the comments below!

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