31 March Prompts to Help Your Social Media Flourish

February 24, 2022

With hundreds of to-dos constantly vying for your attention, it’s easy to let your social media presence slip. But making sure to keep up with your social media so that your audience can stay up-to-date with you ensures that you stay top-of-mind when individuals are ready to move forward and become clients. Post as consistently as you can so that when big announcements come, your audience (and the algorithms) are primed to be responsive to them. 

Plus, don’t forget to check out the brand-new holiday designs for March so that you can celebrate everything from Women’s History Month to St. Patrick’s Day in style. 

Week 1

  • March 1Happy Women’s History Month! 👩🧑🏼👩🏿🧑🏽👩🏻 Honor the women of the past as well as the women of today who have provided both healing and hope throughout history. Use a graphic from Designs to share what women’s history means to you! 
  • March 2 – Get the neighbors talking …! Spread the word about your upcoming open house with an easy-to-edit Open House graphic from Designs
  • March 3 – What’s going on this month? Promote an attraction or event happening in your local community this month that your audience will NOT want to miss! 
  • March 4 –  Having amazing employees on your team makes the WORLD of difference! Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day with a graphic and let your employees know how much you value them!
  • March 5 – How do you like to start your day? Go through your morning routine or favorite breakfast recipe in your story and ask your audience what they do to wake up on the right side of the bed. 🍳🥓
  • March 6 – Nothing better than a vendor who can get the job done right AND fast. ⏱️ Highlight three vendors you work with who provide incredible turnaround times combined with amazing service

Week 2

  • March 7 – Who’s ready for an upgrade? 🏠⬆️  Show off a listing that’s ready to snag with a For Sale graphic.
  • March 8Happy International Women’s Day! Support the steps women are making toward equity with a post using a Women’s Day graphic! Share what actions you’re taking right now to help build women up. 🙌
  • March 9Share a quote that helps you connect your work to your passion every day. Ask your audience for the quotes that ring true to them. 
  • March 10 – Let your community know what’s going on in the market with a Neighborhood Snap!
  • March 11 – Is that spring in the air? 🌸 Or just another snowflake? ❄️ Either way, highlight the best parks in your community to walk and play. Ask your audience about good memories they’ve made there.
  • March 12 – The weekend is a great time to get refreshed. Post or share a story about what you do to reset, renew, and replenish.
  • March 13Daylight saving time is here! Say ‘hello’ to the sunshine ☀️ (and ‘goodbye’ to an hour of sleep 💤) with a daylight saving time graphic.

Week 3

  • March 14 – Show your followers where the magic happens with a tour of your workplace! Walk through the office or show off your desk, and let them know how you make it feel more homey! 
  • March 15 – What’s the 411? Update your audience with a Market Update graphic.
  • March 16 – Your area is full of life! Educate your audience on the most beautiful flora and fauna that can be found around town. 🌾🍄🌲🦌
  • March 17Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ☘️ Join the festivities with a St. Paddy’s Day graphic!
  • March 18 – Sometimes it’s the simple things… Tell your audience about a little luxury you like to indulge in that always makes your day. Ask them about the small things that bring them joy.
  • March 19 – Was that a warm breeze? Show off three new listings that come with a deck or porch perfect for enjoying the coming spring weather.
  • March 20Hello, spring! 🌻🌷🏵️ Welcome the first day of the new season with a holiday graphic

Week 4

  • March 21 – When something clunks, sparks, groans, or breaks, you need someone you can count on. Share some of the most trusted auto mechanics in your area. Ask your audience which ones are really tried and true. 💪🚗
  • March 22 – Who doesn’t love an exclusive sneak peek? 👀 Build anticipation for an upcoming listing with a Coming Soon graphic.
  • March 23 – Being yourself at work can help you stand out in the right way. Share what you do to make your professional garb a bit more personal every day. ✨
  • March 24 – Has the market seen sudden shifts or is everything steady? Show what you know about the current state of things with a customized Local Expert graphic.
  • March 25 – Where can your community go for a change of pace? Promote a place where city dwellers can go for some calm and quiet 😌 or the higher energy hangout where sleepier towns can find some excitement. 🤩
  • March 26 – Time for a check-in! ✅ Update your audience on how you’re doing with your 2022 goals. Ask your followers to sound off with their progress to get and give some more support!
  • March 27 – “My home is worth how much!?” Let your audience know with a Home Value graphic guide!

Week 5

  • March 28 – Food is a great way to support diverse business owners as well as get a welcome taste of something that may be unfamiliar. 🍲🥘🥙 Highlight three local restaurant owners who bring culturally diverse cuisine to the menu.  
  • March 29 – It’s so exciting to see new teammates thrive. ❤️ Spotlight the rising star on your team who just started but is already showing incredible potential! 🌟
  • March 30Show off a win! 💪 Share a home that’s newly under contract with a graphic from Designs.
  • March 31 – You can’t say yes to everything. Share a time when you said ‘No’ to something and are glad you did. Explore what saying ‘no’ did for you and invite your audience to join the discussion. 

Share Your Tips and Strategies

Let’s talk about what’s working. As you implement these ideas into your social media strategy, we want to hear which tips and tricks create the most engagement with your audience. Let us know in the comments below!

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