Bem Vindos Ao Time: KW São Paulo Joins Keller Williams, Ready to Put Agents First

December 14, 2021

Extending across 95,834 square miles of southeastern Brazil, the state of São Paulo is a force to be reckoned with. With a population of more than 44M people, it accounts for more than 40% of Brazil’s GDP. In fact, if it were its own country, São Paulo would have the 21st largest GDP in the world. 

“It’s an amazing market, and I think it is the best environment for business in Brazil,” says José Federighi, the operating principal of KW São Paulo, Keller Williams’ newest international region. Now in the company of 50 regions across the globe, Federighi is laser-focused on becoming the leader within his market in the upcoming years, all while focusing on the most important driver of the business: the agent. 

“I don’t know another operation that puts the agent first,” Federighi says. “In Brazil, companies are very focused on themselves, treating the agent as a small part of the business. I think Keller Williams puts the focus on the agent and develops brilliant training, models, systems, and technology. When you put the agent first in real estate, there is a real opportunity to change the market. You change the ecosystem.” 

“We are excited now to announce our eighth region in South America and welcome José Federighi of São Paulo, Brazil, along with his amazing leaders and core group to our worldwide family,” says Keller Williams Worldwide president William E. Soteroff. In Q1 ’22, KW São Paulo is expected to open its first market center. 

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A Lifetime of Real Estate

Federighi is no stranger to the industry. As a child, he spent his weekends shadowing his father in real estate, and later started working on the business in a partnership capacity. But, recently, Federighi had been focusing on a different endeavor. “When the opportunity to join Keller Williams appeared to me at the end of 2019, it was not my plan to return to real estate,” he explains. “I was more focused on investments and technology start-ups. But, as I started to meet with the Keller Williams team, I became impressed and started to think about the business.” 

When Federighi attended Family Reunion, and saw many Brazilian agents already working with KW in the United States, he was excited. “It was an amazing moment to understand the culture and the value.” 

Relationships Are Key 

In his real estate career, Federighi puts tremendous value on relationships. Since joining Keller Williams, he has already experienced the power of the vast international network that the company has to offer. Federighi shares, KW Portugal has played an essential role in his transition by opening their doors to him and inviting him to work together and participate in trainings. “We have a lot of great people in the culture of the company,” he shares. “Work is where we spend the major part of our lives. It is important to have a good environment with strong relationships.

“We have the largest group of brains working together, focused on the development of the agent in the real estate business. It’s a new world. The way KW puts together themes, models, and systems, it makes it easier to run a business. I’m very proud to be here,” he says. 

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  • Octavio J Mendes says:

    Parabéns São Paulo,
    Já era tempo de alguém no Brazil ver as vantagens e as diferenças entre KW e outras companhias de Imobiliária.
    Congrats são Paulo,
    It was about time that someone in Brazil to see the advantage and differences between KW and other Real estate companies.
    Votos de muito sucesso
    Octavio Mendes
    KW Mid-Town Direct Realty

  • Ruben Baptista says:

    PT – Bem-vinda KW São Paulo!
    Estamos a apoiar-vos de Portugal!
    Muito sucesso para a região do Brasil 🌎

    EN – Welcome KW São Paulo!
    We are cheering you from Portugal!
    Votes of success to the region of Brazil 🌎

  • Beatriz Moitinho says:

    Eu sou PC na KW New York City e estou visitando minha família em SP. Vai ser um prazer poder conhecer e fazer negócio com vcs!!! Hit me up.

  • Regina Bumagny says:

    Parabéns KW São Paulo!! Já era tempo de SP ter uma imobiliária voltada para o treinamento de agentes para melhor informar e servir seus clientes! Ofereço todo o apoio daqui da KW de Dallas-DFW e espero conhecê-los em minha próxima visita à minha cidade natal. Sucesso e espero fazer parceria em futuros negócios com vocês!

  • Cleia Tupper says:

    Parabens KW Sao Paulo!
    Sou Brasileira, do Parana, e moro nos USA a 22 anos.
    Cleia Tupper
    KW Fountain Square – Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

  • Alessandra Tesch says:

    Parabens e sucesso KW São Paulo!
    Estou localizada em Boca Raton- Florida e será um prazer ajudá-los por aqui.

    Alessandra Tesch

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