Gwen Daubenmeyer

December 17, 2019

Gwen Daubenmeyer

Gwen Daubenmeyer – founder, lead listing agent, and CEO of The Integrity Team in Oakland and Macomb, Michigan – confesses that her high-achieving team has been challenged to embrace new tactics to climb to the next level. “We’re closing more than 100 transactions a year, but we haven’t been prioritizing new ways to make the process better. When you’re busy, you don’t want to take the time to research and learn something new. You end up doing something because it’s familiar, not effective. That’s something I’m looking forward to solving now that we’re here at Keller Williams.”

Daubenmeyer is a highly seasoned rainmaker with more than three decades in the business, and is currently in the top 1% of agents nationwide. When she launched her career in 1986, interest rates were in the double digits, and she’s successfully navigated the ins and outs of many market shifts since then. For 20 years, she was happy at RE/MAX . When she joined them as a solo agent in the late 90s, their model was the best for her at the time. And, as she began to get some overflow, her husband Roger got his license and jumped in to help. That’s when she began to fully understand and implement leverage.

Now, two decades down the road, gaining even more leverage and growing The Integrity Team is a big part of her attraction to KW. “Keller Williams is a far better platform for the way I want to build a team. Not just any team … something special,” she says. “We’re so excited about streamlining and smoothing out our processes and tapping into systems that are already proven to work. And, I love that we can just plug right into training and education.”

One of her team’s core behaviors is that they don’t play “street ninja,” meaning that they are problem solvers who keep their emotions out of the transaction and always look for the best solution for their clients. Roger often says, “if it’s the wrong purchase or situation, we’ll work just as hard to get a client out of the deal.” That’s why KW’s culture and mission of win-win or no deal resonated so well with Daubenmeyer and her team. With 95% of the team’s business coming from referrals, her passion is getting the very best deal for her clients, and by best deal, she means down to the last dime.

The Integrity Team decided to make the move to Keller Williams Rochester, Michigan after Gwen and Roger spent two and a half days in Austin at FSO. “While we were there, our dreams and vision for The Integrity Team enlarged and intensified. I wanted to see the details and behind the curtain (since) I’m careful who I’m going into business with. When we got there and heard all the ways Keller Williams supports teams and builds innovative technology like Command and Kelle to power their business, we were in. And, when I’m in, I’m all in. We’re so excited about the future!”

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