Dennis Huyck

January 3, 2020

Dennis Huyck

When he left the technology industry to go into real estate about 18 years ago, Dennis Huyck got immediate traction from a brother-in-law on the construction side of the business who gave him an opportunity to sell properties. Huyck says that gift of momentum launched him into a career that is his absolute passion.

The numbers, accolades, and 100% referrals tell the story of a man who has found his calling. In his nearly two decades in the business, Huyck has helped buyers and sellers to the tune of almost $250 million in sales, making him a perennial top 1% among all Chicago agents. In addition, he’s one of the Top Most Influential Brokers in Illinois and a Chicago Agent Magazine’s Industry MVP.

For the last few years, Huyck has been intentional about leading and mentoring newer agents to help them build their own businesses. It’s in this role that he wants to shape his future, which had him taking notes from The Millionaire Real Estate Agent and kicking tires at his local Keller Williams office. “We had a tremendous culture within our group, but I didn’t have processes and systems in place to make them successful. I knew what to do to build a successful business and how to tell them to build one, but I was falling short on accountability systems to help them monitor their progress toward their goals.”

That’s why, in November 2019, Huyck left @properties after 11 years to join Keller Williams Chicago – Lincoln Park. “It got to the point that I said I want to do this right. I’m so grateful for the help that was given to me, and I want to give back in a way that sets other agents up for great success. I’m excited to learn from the collaborative KW environment and I’m wonderfully overwhelmed by how vested everyone is in one another’s success.”

One of the powerful moments that led to the change was an opportunity Huyck had to sit in on an agent roundtable meeting with Gary Keller. The topic was big tech’s drive to eliminate the real estate industry, to sooner-than-later replace people and agents with technology. “I left that meeting saying that Gary was downright mad about what these tech companies are doing to our industry. I knew then and there that that’s the guy I want fighting for me. He is zealous about keeping the agent at the heart of the transaction. To have someone with that much influence fighting for me, for all of us, well, that’s when I realized this is where I want to be.”

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