How the KW Boise Market Center Grew Five Times in Two Years

June 3, 2021

Erica Hill

In 1999 Erica Hill launched KW Boise to help agents build thriving businesses and lives in a supportive, forward-thinking culture based on learning and success – just as Keller Williams had done for her earlier on in the decade as she was growing her own business. Since then, her vision for the market center, a place where every agent could achieve their goals in a fraction of the time it had taken Hill, has come to life. The center has grown to nearly 800 agents and $1 million in profitability. Over the past 2.5 years, that is a 35% agent gain, three times the industry average.

Independently owned and operated market centers like KW Boise are the lifeblood of Keller Williams, with the thread of the company’s culture running strong through each and every one. For agents, these centers represent hubs for growth and success. 

“The primary goal of any market center is to support their agents,” says the operating principal. “I’m passionate about helping other people achieve their goals. Our success has been a direct result of following Keller Williams’ models, and there’s no end in sight for us.”

A culture of caring, support and abundance

Chase Craig joined the market center because of its “culture of abundance, sharing, and growth, which they have lived up to tenfold,” he says.

During Craig’s first year at KW Boise, his collaborative colleagues guided him through 25 deals in nine months. Now, in his 10th year, he is far from the days of living paycheck-to-paycheck, having  cultivated his business to 225 transactions.

“Keller Williams has really helped me manage that volume of business,” he says. “I haven’t had to work a night or a weekend in eight years, which is not typical of a real estate agent. Keller Williams Realty Boise brought me to the next level.”

Stacie States

A shared culture of learning, support, and a commitment to agents is at the core of KW Boise and other market centers. This comes in the form of world-class education for agents of all levels – from those just starting out to more experienced ones. 

“Culture is the cornerstone of our office,” says KW Boise team leader Stacie States, “and we’re really all about what we can do to grow people’s businesses. Agents want to be part of this company because of the collaboration. People want to be here to be better versions of themselves.”

Excelling with personalized training

One way in which the market center offers unwavering support to their new agents from day one is a launch program that helps them efficiently get their business up and running. Then, agents  are added to mastermind groups and receive personalized training. “It’s so critical to start off on the right foot that we provide that education for you,” States says.

On top of having a specialized launch and training program, the market center offers personalized mentoring programs, where top agents train newcomers to account for their specific needs. 

“No matter where agents are in their business, we’ve got different levels of personalized training they can take advantage of,” says KW Boise assistant team leader Alexis Rankin. 

Tapping into proven systems and models

Alexis Rankin

The team also gives agents invaluable training and operational support using Keller Williams’ proven systems and models – tools that help agents perform at a higher level. This includes Command, KW’s platform that runs at the heart of an agent’s business, seamlessly helping build their database, track leads, and run campaigns.

“Training is one of the backbones of Keller Williams,” States says. “We amplify agents’ success through technology.” 

Lysi Bishop, founder of Lysi Bishop Real Estate, credits KW Boise and Keller Williams with giving her the tools to create a team, and helping her team members have bigger lives. “Once we came over, it’s unbelievable how much they supported us,” she says. “I realize now that I hadn’t known how to ask for the help I needed to grow a team and to operate at a high level as a business.” 

KW’s ultimate goal is to see agents succeed and transform. More seasoned agents who are struggling with their businesses have  joined the Boise market center, only to turn those businesses around. Agents benefit from KW Boise’s diagnostics and needs analysis and help filling in the gaps using KW’s rock-solid tools and systems. 

“The market center is important no matter what type of business you’re running,” States says. “We are the powerhouse standing behind your business. We have the tools, we have the resources, we have the staff. Every agent either wants more time or more money. We’re here to solve either one of those problems for you, or both. We’re passionate about helping people win and have the best life possible.”

Taking agents to the next level

KW Boise agent Amber Mausling joined the real estate industry after leaving a 16-year career in the nonprofit sector, and she’s thriving at Keller Williams. She’s benefited from KW’s mentorship as well as the latest technology and tools. Joining KW has felt like coming home, she says.

“Life has been amplified by joining Keller Williams,” Mausling says, pointing to Keller’s resources and models. “I know that people are cheering me on and want me to succeed. Everything and everyone at KW is a path to success. It’s been refreshing, a breath of fresh air. My life at Keller Williams is free, fun and prosperous.”

Hill is excited to continue to expand KW Boise, adding more growth-minded agents like Craig, Bishop, and Mausling to the team. “We look for agents that fit our culture,” she says, “and by that, I mean agents who are learning based, have integrity, and are fun. We have the ability to change their lives. Come with us and let us help you reach your goals.”

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