Leading with Energy

Published: Nov. 18 2019

A positive corporate culture doesn’t just happen, it’s created by design. Successful CEOs bring unique energy and purpose that pave the way to a corporation’s success or its downfall. But don’t take our word for it; take a cue from an unsuspecting source – Ebenezer Scrooge.

I’m going to go out to make as much money as possible, so I can help as many people as possible. As Dickens points out, once you change your perspective, everything changes.

  • 00:52 The formula for purpose
  • 02:35 How to create culture by design
  • 4:18 Gary’s early days at Keller Williams
  • 4:58 How Gary created the KW belief system
  • 10:35 The origins of the 1-3-5
  • 17:51 What a CEO’s 411 looks like

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