Be on Your Way to Doubling Your Business and Shifting Your Mindset With KW MAPS Coaching

August 6, 2021

A North Carolina rainmaker who spent his career failing forward, at times struggling to build his business. An agent who, after selling one sole home during her first year in real estate, has shifted her mindset and increased her volume to $18M along the way. A Florida Realtor who has doubled his business and continues to stay competitive within his market by transforming his listing strategy. 

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These are just three of the clients whose lives and businesses have been transformed through the power of KW MAPS Coaching. As a Stevie Award recipient for Sales Training and Coaching Program of the Year, MAPS Coaching is committed to helping agents metamorphosize their businesses by providing partnership in building and training teams, offering up an elite community, providing agents with choice, and empowering them to increase their business’s production and profits through customized strategies addressing their individual needs. 

Through multiple program offerings designed to address a variety of pain points, MAPS Coaching offers something for everyone – whether you’re reinvigorating your systems and processes, bouncing back from a fail forward moment, or setting the foundation for your real estate career. 

No matter which part of your real estate journey you are currently on, find out the MAPS Coaching program that is right for you. 

Four Coaching Programs Set to Help You Grow

Mastery Coaching: For those looking for 1:1 accountability and breaking through plateaus

If you’re feeling stagnant within your business, or are ready to take the leap into thinking bigger and integrating new tools into your business arsenal, MAPS Mastery Coaching provides weekly individual coaching sessions tailored to your specific pain points. The program is solutions based, encouraging agents to gain awareness of their unique strengths and identify the blind spots that may be hindering their success. 

What does that look like in real time? For agent and Mastery Coaching client Mona ElGomayel, step one was accountability. “My coach made me accountable to getting a specific number of listings per month,” she shares. “I’ve never had anybody pushing me for that, and she taught me the things to do instead of waiting for business to come to me. My MAPS Coach is like the director of my play: She gives me a game plan, she inspires me every week, and she has completely transformed my business by believing in me and pushing me to levels I never thought I could reach.” The push helped ElGomayel double her business in 2020, and now, halfway through 2021, she has doubled it again. 

In North Carolina, rainmaker Chuck Johnson experienced similar success. “Last year, we sold 111 houses for $33M in volume. This year, we’re on pace to double that. I attribute all of that to my relationship with my KW MAPS Coach,” he shares. For him, the value comes in the weekly nuggets of knowledge shared during his personalized call. With the guidance of his coach, Johnson has moved the needle on his business by partnering with a developer, as well as hiring the right talent. “To me, a coach is the one person in your life who will not ‘yes man’ you. They tell it to you like it is, and they make you think. Everybody needs that.” 

Breakthrough Coaching: For those seeking professional training and concrete tactics for success 

Similar to MAPS Coaching’s Mastery program, Breakthrough Coaching offers a personalized experience with high accountability for those committed to taking their business to the next level. The program is semimonthly and focuses on providing tools like skills-based models, conversations, and dialogues that complement each individual client’s strengths and talents. 

Group Coaching: For those searching to refine their skill set in specific areas of the business

For some agents, achieving their ultimate business goal may be a matter of overcoming one specific challenge in need of targeted solutions. For those agents, and those looking to grow into new areas of the real estate industry or simply refine their skillset in one particular area, Group Coaching provides topic-based programs in a weekly group setting. 

For MAPS Group Coaching client Tom McKnight, these calls have made all the difference. “MAPS Group Coaching saved my career and helped me double my business,” he shares. No matter how smart you are, you can’t know everything.” For McKnight, listings became an important aspect in him staying competitive within his market. “When a lot of people were having trouble with listings, coaching helped me get 50% of my sales to be listing-centric,” he shares. 

BOLD: For those looking for a mindset reset and going after big goals

A seven-week, in-person, and digital experience designed to shift agents’ mindsets and adopt tactics and talking points with proven success rates for today’s business landscape, BOLD’s curriculum is all-encompassing. The experience tackles limiting beliefs and encourages participants to go after their big goals by providing strategies and techniques for efficient operations, guidance on database mining and leveraging Command for a digitally-savvy business, and best practices for a smoother overall routine – from making calls, to setting appointments and closing contracts. 

Are you interested in learning more about transforming your business through coaching, or even ready to take the plunge? Connect with a MAPS representative today to find out more about the available offerings and discuss options. 

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