5 Training Resources to Take Your Team to the Top

Andy Peters| December 31, 2020

In 2013, our team, The Peters Company, grossed over $1 million; earning Millionaire Real Estate Agent status for the first time – an honor we have held every year since. I remember our team leader, Robben Mathews, barging into our team meeting one morning screaming, “You’re gonna do it! You’re gonna do it!”

We looked at each other, confused, and asked, “What in the world are we gonna do?” That’s when she informed us that she had been tracking our production numbers and our trendline had us hitting $1 million in GCI in the fall. The day we achieved it, the feeling of accomplishment was enormous. It was evidence that our hard work had paid off, and assurance that we were doing the right activities. 

Looking back, we would have never experienced the magnitude of success we did so quickly without the training offered by Keller Williams. Recognized as a top training company worldwide, KW actively invests in its agents by offering a strong and evolving menu of training options. Whether you’re new to the business or a real estate veteran with decades of experience, Keller Williams has something to help you break into new levels of growth and profitability.

Over the years, these five training resources have been instrumental to our success, and I am confident they will be valuable to you as well. 

Training Events – KW Family Reunion and Mega Camp

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Family Reunion is Keller Williams’ largest training event, and Mega Camp, the second. When I attended my first Mega Camp in 2008, I was blown away. What I had thought to be the industry’s “best-kept secrets” were on full display as top agents shared the details of their business strategies. At the time, I was less than 30 days into real estate, looking for any advice to point my career in the right direction. I didn’t just pick up the skills I needed; I was able to network with agents who have mentored and guided me along my real estate journey.

Every year, I tailor my conference agendas to speak to my greatest needs. I’ve moved from learning about selling homes to building a team to leadership. Now that I’m out of production, my sole focus is attracting, welcoming, and developing talent. Family Reunion 2020 helped us strengthen our relationships with great agents around the country, and this year, over 10 percent of our business came from our agent friends and referral sources around the country. For Family Reunion 2021, we are most excited about the scriptmaster playoffs and cheering on our friend Anna Kilinski!

The benefits have extended to my team as well. Digital Mega Camp was just what we needed to get team members involved who had never invested in the trip physically. Our Mega Camp veterans loved the convenience and the depth of content! KW events get us to think bigger and move past our limiting beliefs. 

KW MAPS Coaching

Every leader on our team is enrolled in KW MAPS Coaching; this includes our director of sales, director of operations, and lead agents. Our success leapt the day we agreed that coaching would not be optional. Before coaching, we operated entrepreneurially, and after we hired our MAPS Coaches, we found another level accountability and focus. We went from 185 units to 305 in two years.

After we hired our MAPS Coaches, we found another level accountability and focus. We went from 185 units to 305 in two years.

The culture of our team has flourished into a perennial powerhouse because our leaders have been able to gather the skills they need to fully invest in helping others grow. It’s true that you cannot pour into others without someone pouring into you.

BOLD Pivot provided mindset support and lead generation ideas when we needed it the most! It is easy to incorporate into anyone’s schedule and the ability to replay it was well received by our team. 

Weekly Accountability – The 411

I was introduced to the 411 tool in 2015. The tool helps break down activities that need to happen every week, month and year to reach our top priorities or “Big Rocks”. On Mondays, we review where we are at with the four most important metrics in our business – listing appointments, listings taken, closings, profit- and individual 411s to ensure the right activities are taking place to contribute to each. The 411 is a permanent fixture on our team and an integral tool in our training. It allows us to identify training needed to fix small issues before they grow into larger ones.

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent

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The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, written by Gary Keller, lays out the how-to groundwork to help you think like a Millionaire Real Estate Agent. It dives into the four key models in detail – economic, budget, lead generation, and organizational – that will help you earn and net $1 million in income. Prior to the MREA, our team was leaning on our entrepreneurial “we got this” tendencies instead of focusing on proven models and systems. Once we fully embraced the models of the MREA book in 2010, our business started expanding 10% year over year. More than a training manual, the book lays out – step-by-step – how to make your dreams, and the dreams of those around you, come true.

Leverage Series

Gary Keller was 100% correct when he said, “Great businesses succeed in direct proportion to the talent they bring on board.” This resonates with us, because, when I look at the key moments our business has grown, it is directly related to the talent we have put in place. Keller Williams’ Leverage Series is a curriculum of powerful courses that has made finding, training, and leading the talent that has driven our organization forward simpler.

We don’t get many chances to hire in our industry, and the Leverage Series has helped us maximize the opportunity to bring in and keep exceptional talent. 

About Andy Peters

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Andy Peters is a successful real estate agent, entrepreneur, trainer, and coach. Along with his wife Lesley, Andy leads one of the highest-producing real estate teams in the country:  The Peters Company from Atlanta, Georgia. The team first hit MREA status in 2013, an achievement they’ve held every year since, and in 2020, they will finish the year with over 215 transactions for $99 million in sales volume.

Andy is a member of Gary Keller’s private Top Agent Mastermind Group, as well as an operating principal of three Keller Williams market centers in north central Atlanta. He’s also a lifetime member of the Atlanta Board of Realtors’ Multi-Million Dollar Sales Club. In his free time, Andy enjoys collecting and playing guitars, and is passionate about his hometown Atlanta Braves, Falcons, and Hawks. He lives in Brookhaven, Georgia, with his wife and two children, Vada and John Morgan.

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