4 Creative Strategies That Will Have Your SOI Referring Away

Ada Ciuca|

| September 30, 2020

There’s engaging your sphere of influence, and then there’s ENGAGING your sphere of influence. What is the difference? The latter involves getting the creative juices flowing and building an experience that clients are sure to notice and rave about to family and friends, sending an influx of referrals your way in no time. 

Scottsdale, Arizona-based agent Eric Brossart is a shining example of this. Affectionately known to his sphere as “Mr. Whatever It Takes,” the 26-year-old individual agent has brought in $1.1M in GCI for 2019 – largely due to a plethora of referrals from past clients. During Keller Williams’ digital Mega Camp experience, Brossart (virtually) sat down with VP of Industry Jason Abrams to discuss how he’s built a strong rapport that has his sphere referring and referring – without Brossart making any explicit referral requests.

How does he do it? In short, Brossart says, “I’m prospecting on a daily basis. I’m also really purposeful with my sphere of influence and keeping in contact and making sure they have an awesome experience after the sale.” Learn more about his strategy below. 

The work starts before meeting #1.

Before sitting down for an in-person meeting with Brossart, prospective clients spend an average of nine to 12 months in his pipeline. During this time, he follows up with multiple text and email touches. “By the time we meet face-to-face, they’ve already trusted me because I’ve been following up with them on a consistent basis for 12 months. It’s just a matter of showing up, having a smile, having a conversation, going through the facts, presenting, and knowing what you’re talking about.” 

At the meeting, Brossart makes his long-term intentions known. “I’m creating a very different experience for the consumer,” he says. “When we first sit down, I make it very clear that I’m not just their Realtor, but I want to be their friend.” 

Reimagine traditional commercials. 

Large firms create commercials in order to build emotional closeness with customers. While those commercials may fall flat, Brossart’s own version of ads has traditionally proven to be a hit. “I create funny videos that I send out to clients once every year,” he says. “In them, I’m not bragging about how many homes I’ve sold, or telling people how cool or successful I am. I’m just being fun.” 

These videos find Brossart jumping headfirst into his ‘Mr. Whatever It Takes’ persona. In one previous video, he is sitting at the office as he receives a phone call from a client who wants to do business with him. In the blink of an eye, he gets himself to the client’s home … by jumping out of an airplane while wearing his tuxedo. In another video, he is driving at lightning speed, dodging traffic left and right in a new Aston Martin, à la James Bond. He even jumps over the car in order to make things happen. 

“I want to be a part of my clients’ lives and be in touch with them on a regular basis,” Brossart says. “And when I do it creatively, with a bit of childlike curiosity, the referrals come in.” 

Work with any situation.

Although this year brought a lot of novelty in the way agents are able to interact with their sphere, Brossart did not let restrictions hold him back. As the world went into lockdown, he created two fun resources to help his sphere of influenceI take advantage of their newfound indoors time: Eric’s top ten movies and top ten TV shows in pamphlet form. Going one step further, Brossart put together a popcorn and snacks package for former clients and personally dropped off each package on their porches, employing social distancing measures. “They loved it,” he says. “It was probably the most successful SOI event that I’ve done.”

Show love during the holidays.

Use the holidays as an opportunity to spoil your clients with attention while garnering social media mentions for your business. Last Thanksgiving, Brossart hand-delivered 127 pies to his entire sphere, all while wearing his tuxedo. He spent time taking photos with each client. For each interaction, he created a flyer asking his sphere to post the photos on Facebook and tag him in order to be entered in a raffle. He had three additional prizes for the top three photos. As you show your sphere love this holiday season, don’t forget to practice social distancing measures and stay safe by using PPE. 

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