75 Ways Kelle Can Help Run Your Business

January 18, 2018

Meet Kelle – your AI-powered personal assistant. Right now, Kelle manifests as an app – one that has been downloaded over 135,000 times and awarded the 2018 Inman Innovator Award for “Most Innovative Real Estate Technology.”

Before we begin, get Kelle on your team!

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From finding you market data to growing your referral network to expertly navigating other Keller Cloud technologies, Kelle gets it done! Here are 75 ways Kelle can help you simplify daily tasks, establish powerful success habits, and handle everything on the go.

Once you have downloaded Kelle, use your myKW / KWConnect credentials to log in. Type or speak directly into your phone. Kelle will scan information across the Keller Cloud to get you what you need in seconds.


Local Insights is a Keller Cloud application available through Kelle that crowdsources information on neighborhoods across the country from agents across Keller Williams, creating a proprietary database. If an agent is new to an area they can check out what others have to say about local amenities. Then they can share that feedback with their clients and add a thumbs-up to the insight or comment with their own perspective. It allows agents to leverage each other’s knowledge to become instant area experts.

  • Add a local insight.
  • Show me local insights nearby.
  • Comment on an existing insight to add value to the database
  • Vote on existing insights


On request, Kelle combs neighborhood boundary data that has been pumped into the Keller Cloud from social networking giant Nextdoor with real-time data from the MLS system to deliver hyperlocal market snapshots in seconds. The best part? Market snaps are also shareable and custom-branded to you!

  •  Show me a snap for [ZIP code]
  • For agents in the United States: Show me a snap for [neighborhood name] in [city, state]
  • For agents in Canada: Show me a snap for [first three characters of a postal code] or [city].
  • Show me a snap
  • Share a snap with a client via email/text
  • Compare and contrast neighborhoods using snaps at your next showing


You are a member of the largest, most powerful network of real estate professionals. Take full advantage of it by growing and leveraging a vast referral network. Forget toggling between texts, emails and spreadsheets. Seamlessly send, track and receive referrals all via Kelle with the commands below.

  •  Who is in my referral network?
  • Search my referral network for [name]
  • Add [name] to my referral network
  • Show me my referrals
  • Show me the status of my referral to [name] or from [name] (Ex. John Smith)
  • Send a referral to [name]
  • Turn on Kelle push notifications to receive targeted broadcast referral opportunities from other agents
  • Search for agents using the Kelle map feature.

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Check in on your listings or any others. Explore listings nearby with the Kelle map feature.

  • Show me listings in [city, state] [ZIP code]
  • Show me my [closed, expired, pending, active, or sold] listings
  • Show me my listings
  • Find listings at [address, city, state]


The CGI is all about knowing your numbers and which activities you have to perform to achieve your big goals. Track the metrics that matter more closely than ever by checking in on them regularly via Kelle.

  •  What is the CGI?
  • How close am I to reaching my CGI goals?
  • How many closings do I need to reach my goal?
  • What are my monthly CGI goals versus actuals?
  • How many appointments did I complete this year?
  • What is my listing appointment or closing goal for this month or year?
  • How many listings have I taken this month or year?
  • How many listings do I need this month to reach my goal?
  • How many closings did I have last month?
  • What was my GCI last month or last year?
  • What is my average sales price?
  • Show me my average sales price by month, or year
  • What is my cap?
  • What is my cap status?
  • What is my profit share?
  • Show me my closed units volume [time period] (example: last year)


Pull up contact information for fellow associates quickly and easily. Your personal QR code makes connecting with KW agents even easier. Then, be sure to add them to your referral network!

  • Add a contact to my database.
  • Find [name]
  • Show database contact [name]
  • Find [name] on Connect
  • Share my QR code
  • Scan a QR code
  • Add phone number
  • Add email address
  • Show me contacts I have not contacted in the last three months
  • Search for contacts using the Kelle map feature


Hone your skills and expertise on the go. Pull up all the training and resources available to you on KWConnect instantly using voice command.

  •  Show upcoming events at my market center
  • Show upcoming events at the [name of market center]
  • Show upcoming events at market center number [number]
  • Find content on Connect from [name]
  • Show me events added to Connect [time period]
  • Find my registered events on Connect
  • Find the latest Red Report
  • Find the [month, year] Red Report
  • Donate to KW Cares
  • Update my profile [picture, bio, number]
  • What would Gary Keller say?
  • What would Mo Anderson say?
  • What would Dianna Kokoszka say?
  • Show me Keller Williams culture


  • What is a BOLD Law?
  • What is LORE?
  • What is [insert Kellerism]?
  • How many agents are at Keller Williams?
  • When is Family Reunion?
  • When is Mega Camp?
  • What is a 411?
  • What is company dollar?
  • What are the Four Conversations?
  • What is profit share?
  • What is a market center?
  • What is the 66 day challenge?
  • What is KWConnect live.

Kelle is constantly learning new skills that help make managing your real estate business a breeze. And remember, if your experience isn’t perfect, don’t get frustrated. Kelle was born in Labs and is learning more and more every day.

  • If you have any trouble logging in to Kelle, please reach out to our support team.
  • Have an idea to improve Kelle? Submit feedback in your profile on the app!

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