All About Founder’s Day: KWKC’s Annual Mission to Help More Youth and Young Adults Live Bigger, Fuller Lives

July 18, 2022

In 2015, a vision was established – to create an initiative that would help empower and equip the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs with tools that would remove their limiting beliefs and allow them to live bigger, fuller lives. 

The vision – established by Keller Williams Co-Founder Gary Keller – would formally turn into the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization called KW Kids Can (KWKC).

Since its inception, the organization has helped thousands of young adults and high school students, hosting self-development events powered by Gary Keller’s Quantum Leap material and offering scholarships so graduates can receive free coaching and scholarships.

To fund this mission, KWKC hosts an annual Founder’s Day fundraiser honoring Keller. This year, the fundraiser runs July 15 through July 21, Keller’s 65th birthday, with a goal to raise $650,000. 

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The Founder’s Day Impact 

“In our first two years celebrating Founder’s Day, our associates and supporters raised over $500,000 toward helping KWKC empower the next generation,” shares Brandi Lauve, Executive Director for KWKC. “And, over the past two-and-a-half years, KWKC has provided thousands of young leaders (ages 18-28) and entrepreneurs self-development opportunities valued at more than $550,000, and awarded $317,250 in coaching and $362,058 in scholarships.” 

Read more about the program’s most recent scholarship recipients here.

“The impact expands past the program,” Lauve emphasizes. 

“These funds have helped recipients attend college, get the training they need to start their own businesses or non-profits, attend specialized training to launch a career in the music industry, and much, much more. Creating an environment of success is a foundation of the company’s culture, and is essential to provide early in a youth’s life to help them maximize their potential.” 

Get Involved This Founder’s Day 

For KW associates, if this is your first-ever Founder’s Day, KWKC encourages you to: 

  • Check-in with your leaders to see what your office has planned – and feel free to bring your own ideas and passion to the table. 
  • On the big day, wish Gary a happy birthday and share how you are helping to inspire the next generation in your community on social media by adding the #KWKCFoundersDay hashtag to your posts.

Here are a few tried-and-tested ideas to get you started. All you need is a servant’s heart, a creative mind, and an entrepreneurial attitude!

  • Create or donate to your market center or regional Founder’s Day sub-campaign
  • Tithe a portion of your profit share
  • Auction an item of value in your community like sporting event tickets, amusement parks tickets, or theater tickets
  • Run a raffle for an item of value in the market center and donate the proceeds
  • Donate and auction a weekend at your mountain or beach property and donate the proceeds
  • Host a training class and donate the proceeds

And, here are a few ways you can support KWKC year-round:

  • Inspire your allied resources to donate to support a KWKC event, sponsor a student to a QL Workshop
  • Donate a portion of your commission for closing in Command
  • Set up a recurring donation at 

Ready, Set, Go!

Ready to help empower the next generation of young adults to maximize their potential? Learn more about this year’s event, and access branding assets, signage, and social media graphics. 

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