Michele di Sei: Systemize For Success In Real Estate

December 18, 2019

When Michele Di Sei of Marbella cracked open a copy of Gary Keller’s The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, he doubted Keller’s models and systems would work in Spain. But now, four years later, Di Sei is part of the Keller Williams family, he’s seen his business grow by five-fold, and he’s happier than he’s ever been.

“My life, my business, the way that I see life, I’m completely changed,” says Di Sei, who grew up in Italy but now calls Southern Spain home. “I’m intentionally growing.”

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Di Sei is proof that Keller Williams’ systems and models work anywhere in the world. Scalability is at the core of KW’s successful models and of an agent’s business. KW nurtures a growth mindset in its agents, Di Sei says. It’s a culture like no other.

Pushing past self-limiting beliefs

Di Sei started out in real estate in 2012, working for another outfit before branching out on his own. Then, he met KW Spain Regional Director Leonardo Cromstedt. Cromstedt told Di Sei about KW’s top-notch technology and training.

“He shared how you can build your own business within the company,” Di Sei says. “That’s why I joined Keller Williams. Being a part of KW gives you an advantage.”

At first, Di Sei had his share of challenges. In his twenties he’d had a good job, but it wasn’t one he was passionate about. So, he left Italy for London and started from scratch. Years later, when he moved to Spain, he didn’t speak a word of Spanish. He worried about how he would build a successful business in a foreign country where he couldn’t speak the language. “I thought, no one’s going to do business with me,” he says.

“My life, my business, the way that I see life, I’m completely changed.”

But he persevered. Action is what helped him work though his self-limiting beliefs. “Everyone has fears, but you can’t freeze in front of those fears,” he says. “You have to act.”

Di Sei linked up with a KW MAPS Coach in Florida, committing to working together for a full year. In the beginning, Di Sei thought he made the biggest mistake of his life. How could someone working in the U.S. who didn’t know the ins and outs of how real estate works in Spain help him grow his business, he thought. As his coaching sessions continued, Di Sei had a major breakthrough.

“I saw that the systems and models you use here in the U.S. work everywhere in the world,” he says, “and for one reason – people are people. We don’t sell property, we’re building relationships. The systems and models, they work everywhere.”

A universal model

Di Sei first dove in to KW’s lead generation and economic models. Then he took to heart the organizational and budget models. He learned how to block his time, efficiently generate leads, and how to treat his endeavor as a business and not a hobby. He embraced the systems and models, and eventually they became habits, he says.

Soon after, Di Sei immersed himself in KW’s culture. It’s what keeps him at the company, he says, and especially Keller Williams Worldwide, the network of KW agents around the world, which continues to grow. KWW is currently in nearly 40 countries.

“KWW is so welcoming,” Di Sei says. “They really make you feel like a part of the family. That’s part of the culture. There’s a lot of support.”

Perhaps one of Di Sei’s fondest moments was three years ago when KW agents from around the globe convened in Austin, Texas. They were supposed to meet for KW’s annual Mega Camp, but the event was canceled on the heels of Hurricane Harvey and its widespread destruction in Texas. Instead, Di Sei and thousands of colleagues traveled to Houston to help hurricane victims during what KW deemed ‘Mega Relief.’

“The systems and models you use here in the U.S. work everywhere in the world. And for one reason – people are people. We don’t sell property, we’re building relationships.”

Di Sei holds up his arm. “Three years later, I’m still wearing the wristband. It felt good to help people,” he says. “It’s not what you get from Keller Williams,” he adds, “it’s what you become.”

Over the last four years, and with the help of KW, Di Sei has refined his goals. Now, he’s also an instructor and leads a team in Marbella. “I know what my mission and my vision are,” he says. He wants to serve as an example, and especially for young people, to show them that it’s doable to have a career you love and be successful at it.

“It’s possible to have a life by design and not by default,” Di Sei says. “Whatever you want to do in life, you can. If I was able to do this, anyone can.”

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