Mark Vos

April 22, 2020

Mark Vos

In Sioux City, Mark Vos is licensed to sell real estate in three states. Poised in the western part of Iowa on the Missouri River, Vos crosses a bridge to Nebraska and South Dakota to meet clients, show homes, and sign contracts. Working completely solo, last year he sold 60 units for nearly $10 million in volume. And, in January, after 15 years with his local brokerage, he joined Keller Williams Siouxland.

When Keller Williams came to Sioux City about five years ago, Vos kicked the tires a few times, did his homework, and paid close attention when Gary Keller announced the company’s transition to a technology company. He’d already been looking for a way to do a better job at keeping up with past clients, and recognized that Keller Williams’ extensive tech offerings could help him simplify and optimize his client connections.

In three short months, he’s already graduated from BOLD and immersed himself in the new technology. With the help of Command and Kelle, Vos is leaning into his passion to provide top customer service – a skill he has honed through eight years as a service advisor for Team Ford in Sioux City and another eight years of owning Lawton Pronto, a convenience store and car wash. “The timing is perfect,” he says. “I know that with the help of this technology, I’ll be able to grow my business and serve my clients even better. Things are already going very well.”

What sets Vos apart from other agents is the way he creatively integrates his sphere of influence into his daily life, therefore building long-lasting, authentic relationships. Vos grew up farming, has many friends who are farmers, and still helps on the family farm as often as he can. Many of his closest connections are from his years in 4-H and FFA. For 15 years straight, he met monthly with a friend group to play Texas Hold’em. From that network alone, he estimates he’s done nearly $4 million in transactions.

Weekends find him outdoors, where he hikes, bikes, and rides a Harley with meetup groups. “People love to talk about real estate,” Vos says. “When they find out you’re a Realtor, they ask housing and market questions or share their experience buying and selling.” He uses those initial introductions to share his extensive knowledge of the residential or farming market, get their contact information, and also recommend essential service providers that he knows and stands behind. “People are always looking for reputable cleaners, mortgage brokers, bankers, mechanics, and landscapers.”


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