Jamie Simpson

August 19, 2020

Jamie Simpson

When it comes to joining Keller Williams, for Jamie Simpson of the Georgia-based Simpson Real Estate Group, third time’s the charm. Simpson began his career at Keller Williams after receiving a master’s degree in real estate and making a move from the neatly-organized Seattle to the intricate neighborhoods of Atlanta. 

“I was a little lost at first, and unable to catch my stride,” Simpson says. This disorientation found him trying a variety of brokerage flavors (including a second stint at Keller Williams). But this time around, Simpson is timing his homecoming on the heels of a metamorphosis.

“I’ve been going through a transformation from a salesperson to a business owner,” he says. “Therefore, I am looking at this move through that perspective. That makes a huge difference in comparing brokerages, and I feel that Keller Williams has a lot to offer in moving the needle by allowing us to grow more seamlessly and attract A+ level talent. I think it was a great place to be in business with before, but I was just not as ready as I am now.” 

One of Simpson’s current goals is to invest more money into his business, which will improve customer service and pour more into his agents. When crunching the numbers, he realized that the high fees associated with his previous brokerage would make that goal difficult. “When we started looking at making the switch, KW was the best option.” 

Currently working toward a goal of $38M in volume, the four-person team works hard – but gives back harder. In his own life, Simpson is a believer of karma, and his leadership style heavily showcases that. “Push more good out there, and what you’re going to see is that it attracts good things,” he says. “What goes around comes around.” A major way in which Simpson has leaned into this philosophy was through establishing Join the Flock – a nonprofit organization that supports families impacted by cancer by providing them with mortgage payments. 

The organization is a labor of love alongside Simpson’s wife, Simpson Real Estate Group’s marketing director Keeli, and Jennifer Lazo – the team’s lead buyer’s agent at the time, who sadly lost her battle with cancer in 2019. The team keeps Lazo’s legacy alive by continuously pouring into Join the Flock, and making sure her story is heard worldwide. The nonprofit has been featured everywhere from CNN to Ellen DeGeneres. 

“Our business allows us to help people, and there is power when you take great care of folks,”  Simpson says. “Our entire team believes that if it is available in the universe, then it is available to us, and that attitude paired with gratitude to be in such an amazing business that allows us so much opportunity is the recipe to our success. Keller Williams encourages us to dream big and arms us with the resources to do just that.” 


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