Griffin Higgins Team

May 6, 2020

Griffin Higgins Team

What is the secret ingredient to being a top-producing team? Well, if the Delaware-based Griffin Higgins Team is any indication, having leaders that complement each other is key. Having produced $65 million and sold 322 units for 2019, the team pushes further and further under the leadership of Russell Griffin and Ed Higgins – a leadership that sees the Griffin Higgins Team calling KW home after spending nine years with RE/MAX.

“We were doing a lot of business, but it still felt like we were being stagnant,” Griffin says of the decision to move. The duo had been in talks with Keller Williams for more than one and a half years, but experiencing Mega Camp and BOLD and visiting their now-market center is what truly sealed the deal.

“Keller Williams was a place we knew we had to be a part of,” shares Griffin. “The company’s training, leadership, masterminds, and culture plays a role in each and every one of our team’s agents, no matter where they are in their real estate career or journey. From Ignite and BOLD all the way up to regional Top 100 calls, we are getting value every day.”

Every member of the 17-agent team stuck through the transition, and they even gained an additional member, as another agent working in their former main office saw the value in joining Keller Williams and the Griffin Higgins Team.

The team joining Keller Williams today is, essentially, a family. “Everyone gets along really well and people feed off each other’s energy,” Griffin says. But the success you see is a sum of its parts – back in the day, Griffin and Higgins (once Griffin’s parents’ Realtor), each had their individual teams. Six years ago, they decided to merge together, allowing for a larger financial investment in admin roles. “Ever since we hired admins, our business has taken off.” 

The partnership itself could not have come in a better pair. “I’m a bit more computer savvy and involved with the agents on a day-to-day basis, while Ed is very connected in the community and a very strong salesperson. We work very well together,” Griffin shares. 

Currently, the team operates within a 60-mile radius of their hub, spanning Sussex County and the county above, while taking small steps toward expansion by placing an agent in a different market center. To that end, the partnership with Keller Williams is essential. “Our OP has several offices within market centers in different places, so our goal is to put agents in different locations and have all the work come back to our hub,” shares Griffin. 

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