Charles Dawe

April 15, 2020

Charles Dawe

For a short while, Charles Dawe worked in commercial real estate in Atlanta. He then joined his family’s manufacturing business in the role of marketing director, sharpening his ability to sell a product to someone he didn’t know and helping the company build its brand and grow significantly. When he grew weary of the constant time on the road, he moved to his partner’s home state of Mississippi and returned to real estate at a small boutique brokerage.

There, he realized that a lot of agents in the area weren’t working with a plan, so he developed a strategic approach to capture the opportunities. Over the next few years, Dawe built a $31 million empire and became the #1 REALTOR® in Mississippi and the #1 Residential REALTOR® in Hattiesburg (2017-2019). He also ranked nationally in the Top 250 REALTORS by REAL Trends reporting.

In January, Dawe decided to take the next step in his career by moving his business from RE/MAX to Keller Williams and take up the role of operating principal at the brand-new KW office in Hattiesburg. His move into the OP role came quickly after digesting and understanding everything that Keller Williams has to offer. “I thought I was too busy to read The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. When I finally did – every page was yes, yes, yes – and implemented what I was learning, I saw immediate gains.”

Dawe couldn’t escape a conviction to share Keller Williams with others.

“KW already has all the tools, tech, training, systems, and the benefit of having such a large agent population that enables the company to invest in the agents and their businesses,” he says. “There’s no other opportunity out there that even comes close to it. I knew I had to do something for our market to raise the bar, so when I was presented with the KW model, I felt obligated to the hardworking agents in my community and compelled to give this to them.”

In Hattiesburg, agents are flocking to the Keller Williams opportunity. “It’s life-changing for all of us,” says Dawe. In the first six weeks, at least 35 agents came on board. “As more and more agents embrace the KW offering, they’re going to see a major increase in their health, and their well-being. It’s an honor to be able to share this with them.”

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