Take Heart: Three Selfless Stories From This Year’s Inspirational Morning

Ada Ciuca| February 23, 2022

In taking the stage for the 23rd edition of her much anticipated Inspirational Morning, Keller Williams board member Mo Anderson had a powerful message for the crowd: “You are the team of the unstoppable Keller Williams legacy. A legacy based on culture – the predetermined way we agree we will treat each other, our clients and customers, co-op agents, friends and neighbors, and especially our families.” 

After embarking on a prayer journey led by agents of the Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, and Christian faiths, attendees were in for a treat with this year’s three inspirational stories. An agent who saw an opportunity to help a family of 13 as they lost their home. A Keller Williams leader who aims to impact tens of thousands of children through education. A hospitality businessman, investor, and philanthropist who turned unimaginable grief into positivity and hope. These are the stories that lit up the KW red stage of Inspirational Morning 2022. 

Giving the Gift of Home: Russell Faucette 

After hearing about a family of 13 who were asked to leave their rental home in Utah and had taken to camping in the mountains, KW agent Russell Faucette of The Stern Team knew what he had to do. After reaching out to Brittny Shelton via Facebook, Faucette got to work in finding the family’s dream home. The journey did not come without its challenges. With an already limited inventory, the family, including 11 children, was also limited by spatial and location needs. 

With temperatures dropping rapidly, Faucette and his team were relentless in finding the right home for the Sheltons, going as far as building an additional bedroom to accommodate the children. For Faucette, delivering the keys to the Shelton’s new home on Brittny’s birthday and watching the couple have their moment was well worth the effort. And, when the children excitedly walked him through the new house, filled with excitement and gratitude, it was the cherry on top! 

Doing It for the Kids: Sajag Patel

Keller Williams’ very own vice president of segments Sajag Patel has been working behind-the-scenes on an important mission: supporting children through education. On the Inspirational Morning stage, he shared that he had planned to pursue full-time mission work until a conversation with KW MAPS Coaching’s Monica Reynolds taught him there are other ways to help.Through his investment property portfolio and the generosity of the MAPS team, Patel is making headway toward his goal of supporting 100,000 kids in 10 years. 

One of his most impactful efforts comes in the form of the Dream Home Foundation, a Uganda-based organization founded by Francis Mukisa which helps provide lodging and education for orphaned and runaway children. Patel became connected to the organization through his high school friend, Kelly Switala, and has since helped fund bedrooms and beds for  the children, as well as hearty meals, and educational endeavors. In a surprise appearance on the Inspirational Morning stage, Switala and Patel reunited in person after only communicating via Facebook for the duration of the project. 

Pouring Into Medicine and Education: Harris Rosen 

After losing his son to brain cancer, Rosen Hotels president and founder Harris Rosen poured his energy into the Adam Michael Rosen Foundation – which provides direct financial assistance for those affected by cancer. Working with the Remission Alliance Against Brain Tumors, Mr. Rosen provided a $12M landmark donation which allowed for the creation of an open environment where researchers and doctors share research, labs, and tools with the hope of quicker innovation. His efforts have been integral to creating a network of neuro-oncology, tumor immunology, and genetics experts hubbed at the University of Florida. 

Beyond his work in cancer research, Mr. Rosen shared his work in providing educational opportunities for those who would not otherwise have access. Having been raised in an underserved community himself, Mr. Rosen has focused his educational efforts on such communities by providing opportunities starting as early as preschool. For older children, those who get accepted into a state college or vocational school in Florida receive tuition, room, board, and living expenses. These programs, serving the communities of Tangelo Park and Parramore, have proven to be wildly successful, and impacting lives full circle. On stage, Mr. Rosen was joined by Tangelo Park program graduate Tamara Fourth. After pursuing a degree in speech pathology, Tamara now serves the children of Orange County Public Schools, as well as the children of the Rosen Preschool.

In Memoriam

In loving memory of Dave Jenks, Anderson was joined on stage by Marc King and Jason Abrams. Together, they taught the audience what is lovingly referred to as the ‘Dave Jenks’ dance, an interpretation of the WI4C2TES. A longtime friend of Jenks, Anderson read a heartfelt letter to the crowd. “Dave, you were a wellspring of nourishing kindness and love that refreshed our souls,” she said. “You are our ‘forever’ friend. (…) We will do our best to pick up your torch, and we will carry it the best we can! While you are physically away from us here on Earth, we know that you are truly ‘home,’ face-to-face with our loving Lord.” 

In parting, Anderson asked the crowd to leave behind “a legacy of amazing grace, courage, humility, and effort.” 

For FR attendees who may have missed the session, or simply want to revisit these powerful moments, the session will be available one week following the event on the event platform, at which point it can be accessed until April 25, 2022. 

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