Winning Scripts from KW’s ‘Choose Your Script Champion’ Finals

February 23, 2021

Since last year’s record-setting Mega Camp (35,000+ attendees), agents across the globe have been wondering who will be crowned the KW ‘Choose Your Script Champion.’ That mystery was finally solved at this year’s record-smashing Family Reunion (nearly 50,000 attendees)! 

After eight attention-grabbing, objection-dismantling preliminary rounds hosted by none other than KW’s Head of Industry, Jason Abrams, the field was whittled down to just six competitors:

  • Anna Kilinski – The Anna K Intown Team
  • Ashleigh Nicole – Keller Williams Realty Success
  • Katherine Staples – KW Peachtree Road
  • Cody Gibson – United Home Group
  • Scott Malouff – Malouff International Group / Keller Williams Heritage
  • Julie Powers – Dickerman Team Real Estate

The six finalists battled like verbal gladiators, but in the end, it all came down to just two agents: Mega Camp Champion Anna Kilinski and her worthy opponent Cody Gibson. Kilinski and Gibson each took turns answering a pertinent prompt every agent should be familiar with: How do you convince someone in your personal sphere to trust you with their personal property? 

Both agents gave compelling arguments, but after the votes were tallied, and Abrams took a beat or two to build suspense, Cody Gibson was crowned the first-ever KW ‘Choose Your Script Champion!’ See his winning rebuttal along with other standout scripts below, and start training to knock Gibson off his throne at next year’s Family Reunion. 

I like you. I think you’re great, but I don’t want to sign a buyer’s agency agreement document. I’d sure love to see homes this weekend. What time can we meet? 

Ashleigh Nicole:  You know what, Jason, I completely understand your hesitation in signing the buyer agency today. But you know what? The fact of the matter is that this is a white-hot market and signing this buyer agency is the equivalent of handing me the baton of a race. Once we sign it, I can start running that race for you. And, ultimately, I would hate to have you potentially lose out on your dream home, because when we have the right offer under a strict deadline, we’re stuck doing this paperwork instead of working on a great offer. And I think you’d agree this is not worth losing your dream home over. Is that correct? 

I think you’re great and your team is great, but here’s the thing. Brand X has more luxury listings than you do. I think I should go with Brand X, right? 

Anna Kilinski: You know, Jason, I can still appreciate how it might seem that way. And in fact, you know, I was actually thinking the exact same thing driving over to your house this afternoon. Why are there so many Brand X signs sitting out there? You know, the truth is, since I studied the inventory daily, it’s obvious that we can tell we’re in a severe seller’s market. Couldn’t we all make the agreement that if all the homes that are being represented by Brand X were appropriately positioned for the market, they’d all be sold right now? Look, the reason that you don’t see any of my signs in the neighborhood is, frankly, I’ve done my job for those sellers. So let’s go to work so we can put your house in the market and not just on the market. 

[Agent name], we grew up together! You’re way too goofy to do something so serious like sell my house. Who do you think I should work with? You know the business. 

Gibson: Listen, besides the fact that you’ve trusted me all these years already and we’re still friends. Is there any other reason you wouldn’t list with me right now

Prospect: No, that’s enough. 

Gibson: I’ve learned that, just like you, we can’t become who we want to be while we’re still thinking about who we were. And, everyday we grow and we work hard. And, I’m still that goofy kid. I’m still that kid that wants to have fun. But, I’m also that kid who wants to serve people and work hard. And, I’d just be remiss if you ended up with a weak agent. I would hate to have that happen. So I’ll do this. I don’t mind. Let’s go ahead and sign the contract today. And, if you’re not happy at the end, I won’t take any of your money on the listing side. I don’t know how to make a better deal than to put my money where my mouth is. I’m going to show up for you the way you’ve always showed up for me.

I understand that we can make more money now than ever before by selling our home. And, we’d like to wait to sell until our children move out of the house.  

Cody Gibson: I totally understand. Sounds like you want to wait till the kids move out. What’s important to you about waiting? 

Seller: I want them to have somewhere to live, and when we move out of here we’re going to a smaller home, so we’re hesitant to move out. 

Gibson: Right. I totally understand. So, on a scale of 1 to 10 outside of that. Where’s your motivation to sell if it had nothing to do with the kids right now? 

Seller: We’d be selling.

Gibson: You’d be a 9 or a 10, then. 

Seller: Sure.

Gibson: Could I suggest, and I can do this, I certainly don’t mind, we have a seller “easy-peasy listing plan” which makes everything simple, you’re not disrupted as much, it’s very easy. And, what we can do right now, the market is so good; it’s so hot right now; I’d suggest you’d let the market being so high basically buy you out of any disruption or challenge. And, we won’t sell until we have just the right home in place for you for the next one. Does that make sense?

I think prices are going to drop. I think we should wait for that before we buy. 

Cody Gibson: Got it. [Seller name], besides hoping that prices might go down, is there any other reason that would keep you from buying today? 

Buyer: No. 

Gibson: Are you going to live in this house? 

Buyer: Yes.

Gibson: Good. So, two things. What I hear you saying is that you want to be a great investor. You want to make good decisions. Is that right? 

Buyer: Yes.

Gibson: Makes perfect sense. I want to do it too, and I’m going to help you and hold your hand the whole way. What I’ve learned though, is that people confuse the home they live in with an investment. It doesn’t mean that it can’t be an investment. It just means that what I’d like to see you do is start putting money into your own pocket instead of your landlord, and then I’ll help you use that money to go and buy other homes to actually make those investments. And so then you’re actually making money. 

But the home you live in. Let’s just remember, that’s the home you have Christmas morning in and Thanksgiving dinner in. And, I’m not sure whether it’s 1% or 1% here or there that makes a big difference at the end of the day. So, let’s go ahead and do the right thing and get you started as an investor today so we can make money tomorrow.

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