Succeed With Sellers: Two Scripts That Will Turn Leads Into Listings

September 2, 2020

Listings are the engine that power a successful real estate business. They bring exposure, buyer leads, and even more seller leads. And in a tight inventory market, where every listing counts, agents must be confident and skilled at both sourcing and converting seller leads.

To help you achieve the success needed in this arena, we’ve outlined two scripts below. Practiced and delivered daily, they will help you build better rapport with sellers and establish yourself as the go-to expert to list their home. 

Remember, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) includes the National Do Not Call Registry and regulates telemarketing calls. Make sure to follow TCPA guidelines at all times – otherwise, you could face severe legal consequences. 

Forever Home Script

The Forever Home Script provided by KW MAPS Coaching and featured in BOLD Pivot is designed to bridge the communication with previous clients. Because the script puts clients’ needs first and comes from contribution, it makes it easy to reestablish the relationship. 

Agent: Hello, ________ [contact’s name], thanks for taking my call. This is __________ [your name] with Keller Williams and the ____________ team. (Open with a question.)

I saw your post on Facebook about those homeschooling resources you were using with the kids. Thank you for sharing that. I’ve shared it with several of my friends and clients. 

So, the kids are adapting OK to the situation? (Let them answer.)

Client: They are doing great. They miss hanging out with their friends, and of course no sports right now. 

Agent: (Repeat and affirm their answer.) Glad to hear they are doing great. And yes, I do miss the sports myself. (Possibly ask a second question.) _________, how’s all this impacting things at work right now? (Let them answer.)

Client: It’s been crazy! In some ways I feel busier than when in the office. We’ve got all these Zoom meetings and trainings that I’m on. And actually, I kind of like working from home. 

Agent: (Ask any follow-up questions.) Wow! Is that an option with 3M in your position? (Repeat and affirm the answer. Transition to purpose of call.)

Thanks again for sharing that info you posted. We are all getting creative with this new normal we find ourselves in. In fact, _______, I’ve been getting a lot of questions from our clients about the impact all this is having on their real estate. And, I had a question to ask you about your home. (Purpose of the call. Remember to keep an empathetic tone.)

________, when you and ________ bought your home four years ago, we were in a very low inventory market. As I recall, we submitted offers on three other homes before we won the offer for the house you all are in now. __________, it wasn’t uncommon in that market for buyers to … well, feel like they were settling for any house they could actually get. Maybe it wasn’t their ideal or forever home. As I was reflecting on some of our conversations back then, it felt at the time that the house there on ________ (street name) might have been a bit of a compromise. Do you think that has been the case, or has the house grown on you? 

Client: *answers* 

Agent: _________, one of the potential fallouts from the current situation is that we could possibly see housing inventories higher after the dust settles in the coming months. What that means ultimately is that there may be more choices in the market and possibly less competition for those homes. Of course, we really won’t know how this is all going to shake out possibly for a couple of months or even longer. 

_________, if the market were to start trending in that direction, do you feel you and _______

would desire to explore the possibilities having more selection may offer?

Client: *answers* 

Agent: (Arrange to follow up appropriately and transition out of purpose.) _________, it was great to connect with you. What I am going to do for now is send you a link to my home search app. It’s equipped with the latest search technology, and I would love to get your feedback. In fact, the Collections feature for saving favorites I think you will find helpful. Play around with it and we can watch the market together. (Wrap up call with a fun question.) So, when the dust settles down from all this, what are you itching to get out and do? Any vacation or travel plans later in the year? 

Client: *answers*

Agent: (Repeat and affirm the answer.) ____________, it was great to catch up today. I’ll check in with you regularly as we monitor the market. And know I’m here to serve you in any way I can. If you decide you want to examine some housing options, we can set a meeting over Zoom since you are becoming a Zoom pro. Ha ha! Give _______ my best.

Corey Edwards’ Absentee Seller Script

With 25 years of real estate experience under his belt, Florida-based The Edwards Group’s Corey Edwards has been practicing scripts daily for just as long (to this day, his team practices scripted role-play every single day). His business has always been prospecting based, so he knows the importance of hopping on the phone, prepared to answer any question. Here, Edwards, whose team brought in $50 million in volume last year, shares a script for interacting with absentees: owners of investment properties or second homes. 

Agent: Hi, __________, how are you? This is __________ with Keller Williams. I sold a property at ________ and I have a lot of buyers eager to move into this area. I’m calling to see if you’re in the market for selling?

Client: *shares objection* 

Agent: (Ask questions in order to learn more about their objection. Ask about the time frame when they would consider selling.) 

Client: *shares timeline*

Agent: I’m not sure if you know, but interest rates are currently very low. Believe it or not, we closed a mortgage last Friday at 2.5% on a 30-year fixed. What we’re seeing a lot of buyers and sellers do is upgrade their homes, and a lot of the people who are upgrading are keeping their payments almost the same. Not only that, but because the inventory is so tight in your price range, it’s a seller’s market. If you’re going to sell, now is the time to do so. 

Client: Let me talk to my partner.

Agent: I would love to help you both out with a free consultation. I will be in your neighborhood around _______. Would you be available for me to pop by and let you know what’s going on in the current market? (If a client is concerned about having people in their home during current circumstances, say “I fully understand that you do not want people in your home at the moment. Being that inventory is so tight in our market, how about we take 15 to 20 minutes to jump on a Zoom call, and we can discuss how we are getting many homes sold virtually. Will tomorrow at 5 p.m. work for you?”) 

Client: Maybe. 

Agent: Is this the best number to reach you at, and is there an alternative number I can call you on? What about your email address? I want to fire off a quick email with my contact information so you have it. 

Client: *responds with information*

Agent: What I’ll do is I will follow up with you, and if you have 5 to 10 minutes, I will swing by and let you know what’s going on in the market. 

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