Mega Camp 2021: Five Sessions to Add to Your Agenda ASAP

July 27, 2021

With one month left until Mega Camp 2021, you may be thinking about what you’re hoping to get out of this summer’s most influential real estate event. The good news is that, as with our previous digital events, you will be able to access the library of sessions for 60 days following the Aug. 23 – Aug. 26 festivities. 

While you can (and definitely should) tap into the knowledge offered through every single piece of content available at this year’s event, and, of course, gather around the featured sessions in real time, these four breakouts (and one popular game show) should be on your must-watch list. 

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Five Can’t-Miss Sessions

Lead Generation in a High-Demand Market

Is it low inventory, or incredible market demand? Being able to differentiate between the two can help inform your lead generation strategy and adapt your value proposition. This panel will help you hone your messaging, strengthen your strategies, and identify the lead generation methods that will provide the best return on investment in the current and future market conditions.

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New Homes, New Opportunities

Working with new home builders can provide an abundance of inventory opportunities for you and your business. During this presentation, led by Legacy International’s David Camp and Amber Hart, a KW agent specializing in new homes, you’ll learn how to build strategic partnerships with builders and take more than your fair share of listings. Between building a strong value proposition, understanding what type of builders to target for the most successful partnerships, and tips for establishing quality relationships, you will gain the knowledge needed to venture out into the world and take charge of this invaluable source for listings. 

The new home sales market is primed to provide an abundance of inventory opportunity, and with the introduction of KW New Homes, Keller Williams, in partnership with Legacy International, widely recognized for their sales strategy, marketing expertise, and world-class training, are ensuring that real estate professionals can capitalize and succeed at the highest level in this segment of the market. Find out more about the partnership below. 

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Leadership at Every Level: Deliver Results for Your Team’s Success

Leadership opportunities come with every role, should you choose to take them. But how do you learn to be a leader, and how do you continue to develop your leadership? And what are the ways in which you can continue to create those opportunities for yourself? These are the questions that our panelists will be exploring during this session, helping you discover what leadership looks like at every level, and how you can lean into your 20% to drive the team’s success while expanding your career opportunities.

Clear a Path to Financial Freedom

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor states that “Financial freedom is about having enough unearned income to finance your life mission without the need to work.” In this presentation, Jay Papasan and Tiffany Fykes dive headfirst into the question that will determine your path to financial freedom: What is your financial freedom number? Learn how to build a budget, rein in your spending, and set a net worth goal that can secure your retirement and fund your life. Round off your newfound financial freedom knowledge by listening to the last season of Think Like a CEO, with Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. The season is entirely focused on the multiple facets of wealth building.

Clash of the Closers Finale

After a suspenseful Road to Mega Camp, the Clash of the Closers finalists face off on the largest stage yet against reigning champion Cody Gibson. Watch and learn as some of KW’s best objection-handlers go head to head in this live and unscripted competition. 

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Which session are you most excited for? What lessons from previous Mega Camps have helped your business grow to where it is today? Let us know in the comments.

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